Paths to Publishing by Leia Shaw

It’s no secret that I’m self-published. I’m not ashamed. I don’t feel inferior to traditionally published authors. I consider myself successful by my own definition. I have no regrets. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in a short period of time. Self-publishing was the right choice for me.

However, things change.

And they don’t always change because one path is better than the other. Sometimes it’s just about a different experience, new adventures, and making the most of opportunities.

I’m talking about going down the traditional publishing path. Three years ago, when I first started writing, traditional publishing wasn’t the right move for me. Now, I believe it is. Again, not because it’s better, more successful, or more legitimate. Only because it’s something new to try, another way to make income. And because writing is my day job, I have to entertain all avenues of making money.

So, being the type of person who is accustomed to deciding what I want and then getting it, I am eagerly awaiting the moment I can tell you more. For now, I leave you with a smirking goodbye 😉




About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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One Response to Paths to Publishing by Leia Shaw

  1. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    Me too! YAY, Leia!

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