Thursday’s With Gerri-Catching Up by Gerri Brousseau

Hi Everyone. I feel as if I haven’t talked to you all in a long time, so let’s catch up. First of all I want to personally thank each and every one of you who contributed to Therapy Dog for Teo. We were able to raise enough money for Leia’s family to get the dog! The power of social media is amazing. Now we are trying to raise money for the local training for the dog, so if you still haven’t gotten her book, please do.

Secondly, for those of you who remember that I was going to start a diet and be accountable to you, I’m happy to report that I have lost 15-pounds and I’m still going! Changed eating habits and reduced portions significantly. Will begin working out soon (see further comment below).

The next thing I wanted to share with you all is that I’m in the process of moving. Now we all know that moving SUCKS, and although we all know it, we tend to forget just how much it sucks until we are actually doing it. I didn’t realize how much stuff I had until I had to pack it up! Good Lord, it’s time to have a major tag sale. I’m moving as many of the light boxes to the new place as I can carry so that the movers won’t have to deal with it, but after a while I decided it’s what I’m paying them to do. Further on the matter of moving, the new location has a gym on the property and I plan to begin working out as soon as I’m all settled in. In the meantime, while figuring all this out, I came up with a great story idea so it all pays off.

Catching up on the situation with my poor little pug that’s failing. I’ve made the decision that it’s his time and I’ve set the appointment with the vet. I’m sick over it. I love him and he’s a great little dog, so loving and trusting. But, this decision has to be about his quality of life and so we approach his final days with sadness.

Still working at the DDJ (dreaded day job) with the boss that’s a creative energy vampire and by the time I get home at night, I’ve got zero creative energy left. Between this and moving, I have not written a word on my work in progress, despite the fact that I have things all laid out in my head as to where I want the book to go. I have been spending my evenings packing up the house. Just finished packing up all my books (sad face), and now I’m wondering which box I packed the charger for my Kindle in. If packing and moving are not stressful enough, my son and his wife (and baby girl) are also moving. Boxes, Boxes Everywhere! It’s crazy because we are moving within 5 days of each other!

The next thing I wanted to share with you that I’m super excited about is that in 33 days from today, I will be at RT in New Orleans. I’ve never been there and I can hardly wait. Somehow I feel that a paranormal vampire romance may be coming out of this trip. Looking forward to the whole “Big Easy” experience and all I have to say about that is “laissez le bon temps rouler!” (let the good times roll) If any of you are planning to attend, please look for me.

In June I’m going to be speaking at a writer’s retreat in CT. I’m thrilled to be asked and can’t wait to share with them. I’ll post more on that as the time grows near. Also in June, my third novel, “To Kill a Monarch” will be available in print. Can’t wait to hold the book in hand. Nothing like opening up that box and seeing your book cover.

There now, I feel as if we are all caught up. Do you have any exciting news to share with me? Would love to hear what’s going on in your lives. Oh, almost forgot . . . I’m thinking of posting a story here, one episode at a time. Would anyone be interested in something like that?


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4 Responses to Thursday’s With Gerri-Catching Up by Gerri Brousseau

  1. Gerri Bowen says:

    Wow, so much is happening, Gerri. Sorry about your pug, that is so hard. Moving does suck, especially trying to figure out what to get rid of now or later. Wonderful for you with the diet, too. Good luck with jog, move and conferences!

  2. malanouette says:

    Good Luck with the move, Gerri. So sorry about your dog. So proud of you on the weight loss.

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