Snowstorms, Readings, Midnight Interviews, and A New Novel in Progress

Lately life has been a wild mix of snowstorms and the writer’s life.  The week before I was at a book reading and signing at the Whittemore Library in Naugatuck, CT.  It was lovely and had refreshments. Going a reading A big thank you to Gerri Brousseau and Marian Lanouette for putting on this reading/signing.  Every chance I get, I love to meet people.

This past Monday, I was up to 1 am on Tuesday as the guest on Folio and Folly Fireside Chat on Blog Talk Radio, speaking with Mihai Constantin about my vampire romance books and about rare supernaturals.  The host has promised that next time I’m on he will put an R rating on the show, so I can read a steamier scene.  Here’s the link to the recording in the event you’ve missed it.–fireside-chat-with-down-with-author-susan-hanniford-crowley

Right now I’m preparing to go into writer hibernation.  What does that entail?  It’s putting nose to the grindstone and letting your characters possess you.  I’m working on Noblesse’s story.  If you’ve read Vampire King of New York (the link is to the Kindle version), then you know I’m talking about Max’s daughter.  The perfect professional woman in the pencil skirt and with a mind for business is about to fall hard.  I can’t give anything away of course, but if you don’t see me as much on Facebook and Twitter, it’s because I’m back in the writer’s cave being wonderstruck by Noblesse’s story unveiling in front of me.

Keep warm and prepare for spring.  It’s going to be gorgeous.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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  1. You are quite welcome, Susan. I was happy to have the opportunity to invite you to join us. Glad you had fun.

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