Book Signings–Good Work If You Can Get It

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I spent six hours on Saturday at a women’s show at a local venue with my fellow local chaptermates signing books and promoting my works.  Boy, was that a work out!  I came home and took a three hour nap.  Who would have thought signing books could be so exhausting?  But if you want to make the event the most profitable to you as an author, you really have to be on your toes and hustle.

I actually got to the venue an hour ahead of time and this is crucial if you are signing with more than one person in the booth.  Get there early and pick the most advantageous spot to set up your promo.

20140201_144039Be sure to bring plenty of swag to give away as well as your books to sign.  I made little bags with Valentine Hershey kisses and signature cards for four of my books and business cards for several others.  And be sure to give your promo out.  This was the hardest thing for me to do.  I’m very much an introvert and reticent to just hand stuff to people.  Another author asked every person who approached the booth if they wanted a free bookmark.  I kept trying to do that, and got better toward the end of the day, but putting myself out there was the most exhausting part of the day.

I had just gotten new swag for my medieval release Betrayal—little chapter books with the first chapter of Book 1:  Betrothal and Book 2:  Betrayal.  These little books charmed a lot of the people passing by because they got two chapters in one book.  On the front cover was Betrothal and if you flipped the book over it had Betrayal’s first chapter.  Really cool!

So between setting up the booth, filling my swag bags, handing out swag, talking about my books and what I write, and actually signing books, I worked darn hard at being an author today. 🙂

At the end of the day, though, I think it was well worth the effort.  I sold six books and handed out close to 100 swag bags and chapter books combined.  That’s 100 people who now have heard of Jenna Jaxon and who either has my work in their hands or info on how to get my works.

This promotion came at the perfect time:  my medieval novella, Betrayal, just released on Friday, and Betrothal, the first book of the series, is Free this weekend, so hopefully people will download the one and then buy the other.  And if you’re interested in my medievals, they are available on Amazon.  Just click the links above.




So if you have the opportunity to do a book signing, it is well worth the time and effort.  And it does so make you feel like an author!

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10 Responses to Book Signings–Good Work If You Can Get It

  1. Sheila says:

    I love going to book signings. I did it more often before my favorite book store closed. Sometimes I had the authors all to myself. I have some very interesting books because of it and some wonderful memories. I wish there were a book store closer to me that did signings. When I go to the author-reader conferences the best part is the book signing and the chance to talk with the authors. So, authors, don’t be reticent. Get out there and let the readers know what you have to offer.

    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Thanks for coming by, Shiela, and for being a supporter of us authors! i too love book signings–last year I got a book signed by my favorite author, Jo Beverly and got to meet her. i was such a groupie! I too wish there were more opportunities for signings. it’s a great experience for both writers and readers!

  2. melissakeir says:

    I think these are a wonderful opportunity to get your name out. Since all my books are ebooks, it’s been a challenge for me to so signings. I’m also shy and talking about myself is hard to do. Congrats on your signing and I wish you many more!

    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      Hi, Melissa! it is so very hard for the introvert to put themselves out there. I absolutely feel your pain. Have you thought about getting chapter books made? The first chapter of your book as a free giveaway that you can also sign. At least until your whole book is in print. 🙂 Which I hope will be soon!

    • Sheila says:

      Cover flats are a good way to go also. One of the conferences I go is Romanticon. The authors have cover flats that they sign for their e-books. I have quite the collection of them as well as the e-book to read.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve never done a book signing before, but my sister and aunt have scheduled me one in a few months. Great ideas. Google+’d

  4. Cd Brennan says:

    Well done with the signing Jenna! I have only done one book signing and that was plenty for me for a year LOL. In all honesty, I don’t enjoy being out and about doing promotion. I know, doesn’t help my sales, so I’ll take a page from your book and give it a go again. But dang, how do you find time to get all the swag stuff together?? 🙂

    • Jenna Jaxon says:

      It takes a village, Cd. One of my chapter mates works at a printing company and she did all my swag for this signing: signature cards for both novellas and then the chapter books with both first chapters on it. Then when I got to the event, other chapter mates helped me stuff the swag bags. It’s still hard to put yourself out there, but if you have a plan about what you’re going to do, it makes it easier. Of course I’m a plotter so planning comes easy to me. LOL Thanks so much for coming by!

  5. Toni Kelly says:

    Okay, a bit late to the game here but this is a great post. I’ll definitely have to come back to you when I decide to do a book signing. I’m an introvert as well and the thought of putting myself out there like this is scary and exciting at the same time. I’m glad it went successfully for you and will keep my fingers crossed that many sales follow.

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