2013, it’s been swell….

It has been one crazy year.

One year ago, almost exactly, I set some goals for myself. I was going to write 2 novels and 4 short stories this year. And darn it, I’d have SOMETHING published, even if I had to do it myself.

Well…things didn’t work out that way. I was elected VP of my local RWA chapter, which also meant I was in charge of coordinating the meetings and the annual conference. I started working for Market or Die Author Services, a job I ADORE. I met so many wonderful people and made some awesome connections. I made a couple friendships that changed my life completely, and I lost almost 40 pounds. I feel like I found myself.

I did not, however, write 2 novels and 4 short stories. I revised two short stories and wrote a 12500 word story from scratch. I started a novel, but didn’t make it very far. But I still hold that writing is the most important thing to me, other than the obvious things like family and so forth. I just had no time. And yes, I tried to make the time, but dang, I was so exhausted most of the time that the writing I did just wasn’t up to par with what I have come to expect of myself.

How does a person remedy that? Well, by making hard choices. Saying no. Turning down opportunities. I didn’t run for VP of CTRWA this year (though I did take on a couple other responsibilities). I made a schedule for work related things, and I also really scheduled out some writing projects with deadlines. And…I’m sorry to say, I have resigned from my Sunday spot on Nights of Passion.

It was a really hard choice to make. I enjoy blogging, sharing my experiences, being able to talk with new people. I’ll miss it a lot, and wow, it was a really tough call. I know, though, that it is the right choice.

I’ll still be hanging around, making comments on here, and causing mischief, though, so you haven’t seen the end of me! I really enjoyed my stay here, and I thank you all for making me feel welcome and for reading my crazy posts! I hope everyone has a fantastic 2014!!

About Melanie R. Meadors

Melanie R. Meadors is a storyteller, editor, game designer, adventurer, and scientist from central Massachusetts. She's a science writer at The Once and Future Podcast, GeekMom, and at her own website, melaniermeadors.com. If you like what she’s doing here, please support her Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/melaniermeadors
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2 Responses to 2013, it’s been swell….

  1. We are sorry to see you go, Melanie. And remember when you are ready for a Book Launch Party, we’d love to do that for you on Nights of Passion!


  2. So sorry to see you go, but we truly understand. We will miss you and your fun and quirky blogs. You are always welcome at Nights of Passion, so when you do get those novels and short stories published, we will be more than happy to host you. Best wishes to you for much success.

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