Combining Holiday Traditions By Rebecca Royce (Contest included)

Well, hello, everyone and thank you so much for hosting me here today.  I’m so happy to be here talking about combining holiday traditions.  I dragonjoined_200[1]-1think about this kind of stuff all the time when I’m thinking about my characters.  You take two characters who are very different most of the time (because who would want to spend 250 pages with characters who are exactly the same? Where is the conflict, intrigue, and romance?) And after the happily ever after they are still going to have to make things work.  Including combining their holiday traditions.

But I have some experience about this in my real life. You see my husband and I came from two different backgrounds and the truth is we do holidays differently from one another. Or, we did.  Now, nine years into our marriage, we do things the same.  Not the way his family did them or the way my family did them but now we celebrate the way we do them and it works for us, if no one else.  (I joke, sort of.)

What do I mean? Well, here is a small example from Thanksgiving.  My husband was raised eating something called Oyster Dressing (or stuffing if you’re not from the part of the country he is from).  My mother made something akin to Stouffer’s when I was growing. The stuffing was just not that big of a deal. My husband, by contrast, likes his stuffing to be loaded up with oysters. I love oysters. But not in my stuffing.  However, its important to him so that is what we do. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving to him without oysters in his stuffing.  What do I get out of the deal? Green beans with almonds.  He hates green beans and yet he makes them for me because he knows I need them.  There’s no Thanksgiving if I don’t have green beans on my plate.

What traditions did you combine when you became an ‘us’ instead of a him and me?  (Or a she and me?) Comment here and you might win a copy of my newest release Dragon Joined. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter at  Contest ends on Dec. 7th at midnight Eastern Time.  Contest void where prohibited by law.  Good luck, everyone!  If you need the book now, visit



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2 Responses to Combining Holiday Traditions By Rebecca Royce (Contest included)

  1. Interesting. Reading this I can’t help but think of my son. Our family are Christian and my son’s wife is Jewish. They have a Christmas tree that has a few Jewish ornaments on it. It works for them and they are creating their own holiday traditions. Nice post.

  2. sherry1969 says:

    I’m not married and haven’t ever been so I’ve never had this problem.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

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