The Worse Cookie Ever by Sugar Jamison (Contest included)

Welcome readers, Gerri here. We are kicking off the holiday season with a very special guest. Please help me Sugar_authorwelcome Author, Sugar Jamison. She’s going to share a holiday memory with us and tell us a little bit about her new Christmas Novella, “Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas.” Here’s Sugar . . .

I like the idea of baking. I love baked goods and bakeries and I haven’t met a cookie I haven’t liked. But I’m not that great of a baker. I think I’m too impatient for it and yet a few years ago when I was home from college for winter break, my youngest brother and I decided that we were going to make Christmas cookies. From scratch. My grandfather had a recipe book that he lovingly hand copied for me. Sugar cookies. Gingerbread, Mexican wedding cookies. Something with dry fruit that we chose to avoid.

We were excited. A day of baking. Something we had never done before. We always made cookies from a mix or the refrigerated cookie dough. We measured everything out in perfect little portions. We mixed everything together. Cut them into all those beautiful little Christmas shapes. Bells and toy soldiers and Santas. I watched the timer as they baked. So careful that they didn’t burn and when the time dinged. I took them out and they looked perfect. PERFECT. For once I had made beautiful baked goods and I was proud. I wouldn’t let anyone touch or taste them until my mother got home from work. I wanted to show her what we did. I wanted to wait for her so that we could decorate the cookies together.

Of course she exclaimed over them when she saw them and then she picked one of the toy soldiers up and took the first bite. She didn’t react. She didn’t say they were good or bad. She said nothing, but she frowned.

“What?” I asked. “What? What?”

My brother picked up a cookie bit into it and then proceeded to spit the cookie across the room.

“What did you do?” he asked in horror.

“What did I do? You were with me. What did we do is the better question.”

I finally picked up a cookie and tasted it. The texture was right, just chewy enough. Not too hard. I didn’t add anything that wasn’t supposed to be in there. I didn’t deviate from the recipe. I just forgot to add sugar. SUGAR. Which was sitting on the counter unopened. So there was no sugar in the Christmas sugar cookies. I had messed up. But it wasn’t all a bust. We had fun baking in the kitchen that day. And I tried again. And the cookies came out all right. I’m still not a baker but Christmas is just not Christmas without a batch of homemade cookies.

Have Yourself a Curvy Little ChristmasI love this time of year so when my publisher asked me to write a Christmas novella I jumped at the chance. HAVE YOURSELF A CURVY LITTLE CHRISTMAS is probably one of my favorite stories. And I’m giving away a copy for Nook or Kindle user.  The contest ends on Dec. 5th at midnight Eastern time.  You must comment in the comment box with “I want HAVE YOURSELF A CURVY LITTLE CHRISTMAS” and include your name and email.  Void where prohibited by law. Good luck everyone!

Here’s a little more about it.

On the first day of Christmas, former wild child Dina Gregory returns home to New York on a mission: To find the father of her young son. Making him take responsibility for the child he helped create is the only thing on Dina’s wish list. Instead, she finds herself in an awkward run-in with his stuffy older brother, Ben.

Ben has never liked Dina. But he can’t help but admire her tenacity—and her bold beauty. Being trapped together during a holiday blizzard offers him a glimpse into what it would be like to have a family, and to fall truly in love. Could it be that Dina has reignited his Christmas spirit? The only thing Ben knows for sure is that her heart is a gift to behold…and he will never let go.

Thanks for having me, Gerri.

You’re welcome.  To find out more about Sugar Jamison, visit her website at  If you can’t wait, her book is also available at

Gerri Brousseau

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4 Responses to The Worse Cookie Ever by Sugar Jamison (Contest included)

  1. Mary Preston says:


    Mary Preston

  2. jamiebeck says:

    I love baked goods too…but cookies take more work than they are worth. I prefer cakes! Like you, I once forgot to add an ingredient (eggs). Sucks to do all the work and find out too late that you screwed it all up. LOL

    Since I enjoyed the Dangerous Curves Ahead book, I want HAVE YOURSELF A CURVY LITTLE CHRISTMAS!

  3. I absolutely love cookies. They’re my favorites.

  4. Congratulations, Mary Preston. You are the winner of a copy of Have Yourself A Curvy Little Christmas. Sugar will be contacting you via email to forward the book to you. Thank you and everyone who commented for participating and we hope you will continue to visit us at Nights of Passion. Happy Holidays.

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