What I’m Really Thankful For

Seeing as Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it is one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to touch on what we are really thankful for (or at least what I am). Sure I’m looking forward to maple ham, juicy turkey, mashed potatoes and cornbread stuffing, but it’s not what makes the holiday for me. I try to remind myself more than just on Thanksgiving of all the stuff I’m thankful for and what I’m fortunate to have, but it doesn’t hurt to have this official reminder every year, so here goes… this is what I’m really thankful for:

I’m thankful for the men and women of my country who officially and unofficially put their lives at risk for us each and every day. These are our military members, police, fire fighters, doctors, etc. as well as those who take risks outside of uniform. I’m thankful that I have a solid job when so many struggle to find one. I’m thankful for my home and my family. I’m thankful for weekends and nights like this when I’m exhausted from cooking, cleaning, working the day job and playing with my son—because I’ve had the opportunity to do all of that. I’m thankful that I get to write almost every day and I’ve had the opportunity to share my stories with others. I’m thankful for my friends and support system that help me through those more difficult times. And most of all, I am thankful for God as I don’t believe I would have all the love and wonderful moments in my life without Him.

Thank you for reading what I’m thankful for, if you have the time, leave a line about what you’re thankful for. It may just help you relish it even more! Happy Writing over the holiday and Happy Thanksgiving!

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6 Responses to What I’m Really Thankful For

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  5. Anthony Ford says:

    ..11/26..0013 Jamie I’m thankful for this year! such having a great wonderful year god has gave me strength each time I wake up its a beautiful sunny day.. I love my young beautiful life its been really keep me motive and lots of things to do. IN about 2 weeks I”m going to visit an historical musesum I cant wait i’m so excited for this event!! happy thanksgiving

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