Spooktacular Costumes and Contest by Leia Shaw

I LOVE Halloween!

I’m not sure why. Could be the candy. Or maybe the spooky, creepy stuff that goes with it (I get a little thrill out of being scared). I think a big part of why I love Halloween is because it’s permission for grown-ups to play dress-up and act like kids one day a year. And I do.

But I also have two kids who love Halloween as much as I do. So today I’m sharing three of my favorite costumes. And a couple gratuitous photos just because.

1. When my son was about 18 months, he was very sensitive about clothing. That limited me for costumes cause I knew he’d complain about anything heavy or fluffy or cumbersome. So I got a little creative. I bought a black, long-sleeved shirt, white puffy paint, and white face paint. On the shirt, I wrote “Got Milk?” and on his upper lips I smeared a bit of the white face paint. He went as a Got Milk ad and he didn’t even know he was dressed up!

2. Back in my early twenties, before cellulite and all that, I went to a party dressed at Lara Croft Tomb Raider. I wore mini-black shorts and black tank top. From an army surplus store, I fastened two gun holsters to my thighs and placed two fake guns inside. I wore big black boots and styled my hair like hers.

3. This year I’m going in a costume I wore at RT for the paranormal party (pictured below). Little Red Riding Hood with a gothic twist.


vampires2     110    photo-29 (2)


For the GIVEAWAY I have two signed print copies of my most recent paranormal releases, Destiny Bewitched and Ever After (a shifter anthology that includes my novella, Destined for Eden).

All you need to do is leave a comment with your favorite Halloween costume and your email address. This is US only and void where prohibited by law.

Also, I have a NEW RELEASE coming out on HALLOWEEN!!! Destiny Forgiven is book 5 of my PNR Shadows of Destiny. Make sure you come to the release party happening ALL DAY on Thursday to win prizes and read clips from the book! You can join here.


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9 Responses to Spooktacular Costumes and Contest by Leia Shaw

  1. Regina Olivares says:

    Dressing up as a Mistress 😉
    Email rrmia88@yahoo.com

  2. mandyhonea says:

    When my sister daughter was around five(which has been a while lol) we took a cardboard box and make milk and then another and an Oreo cookie. She went as milk and cookies lol. Wish I had a pic to share

  3. Janine Gardner says:

    This year I’m going steampunk, complete with top hat and goggles! Jdgardner31@gmail.com

  4. Heidi says:

    I’m never very good at Halloween costumes. But I love looking at kids in their adorable costumes on Halloween. I did buy an adorable adult eeyore costume but now I just dress the dog

  5. Beth says:

    I just do a simple witch, although my hat has blinking lights on it. It’s a quick and easy costume. Black skirt, black net stockings, black shoes. black shirt, have a piece of filmy black fabric to drape around the shoulders as a cape, and my black/sparkly hat. Even have bat earrings(not that I can find them every year)

    carolcobun @ yahoo.com

  6. Eva P. says:

    My aunt helped me one year and made me a tootsie pop! She just found a purple blanket and after cutting holes for my eyes and nose, put it over my head and it was wrapped around my (which thinking about that now, that could have been dangerous!) she even made their logo and everything on it.

  7. Jennifer Phillips says:

    My husband and i went as Christian and Ana last year. Zip ties, tape and rope included

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