A Halloweenish Birthday and Contest with Author Dahlia Rose

Halloween Is My Christmas

My birthday is October 29th and each year I say the same thing to my mom. If you could’ve held out  Dahlia 1for two more days, Perfect Birthday ever!! (Laugh). She shakes her head and calls me weird, because yes out of all her kids I’m the weird one. I’m the tattooed one who likes every horror movie or book. The one who watches Ghost show voraciously and likes everything that goes bump in the night. But I hate bugs *shudder* especially spiders. But when Halloween comes along my home, my life, my family well we are Halloween and it’s our Christmas.  Sounds a bit maniacal after I write it out but we are. LOL

Dahlia 3My house is decorated Dahlia 2
front and back yard.
Most of the decorations are homemade by the family and the technological genius that is my Robert. Each year we add new stuff to entertain and terrorize the neighborhood. Mostly terrorize since we’ve made one or two kids run away screaming. Families come by and take pictures at our home and heck it’s just a good time for everyone involved. Last year we were a horde of Zombies and we at least try to have one party a year for the neighborhood with apple bobbing, pumpkin carving and Halloween egg races. As you can see from the pictures we go all out!  This year will be Dr. Who themed so I’ll be a happy Whovian. Halloween allows each and everyone one of us to embrace that child inside. I theme many of my dishes around Halloween that includes green and orange Jell-O-cups. We don’t only hand out candy, but cupcakes as well. We’re so lucky to live in a neighborhood where families know us and we know them. But still we play it safe and check every piece of candy. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the entire Halloween experience this year!

Book 7 of my Dragon Series “The Paladin Dragons” will be out soon (November). Many of my books are themed because of my love of theADragonRevealed 500x750 paranormal and the what if’s of life.  My dragons are my favorite because they are based off my favorite mythical beast. It never started out as a series. It was just a short story and then I listed the dragons of the Paladin court then it snowballed from there. The world developed, the myth of their war with dark serpent dragon race evolved and each new dragon brought a new piece to this puzzle. From book one to six we seen them mated and saw a king be killed and a new one rise to power. So far the books released are A Dragon’s Promise, A Dragon’s Heart, A Dragon’s Lair, A Dragon’s Honor, A Dragon’s Rage and A Dragon’s Mark. Coming soon is a Dragon Revealed. All can be found in digital formats for kindle and any e-readers, plus they are in print three stories to each print copy. If you pick them up I hope you are swept away through the portal to Paladin. Where dragons fly in the sky and they watch over us here in the human realm.

Dahlia 4Below is a contest I’m running for Halloween and my birthday it runs the entire month of October. So I hope to see you guys joining up playing along! We draw on October 31st at Noon. Have a fabulous Halloween!! Contest void where prohibited by law.

I’m here now to give away two.. not one but 2 Amazon gift cards.. How? Well here’s what you do… Like my Fan Page… and then Comment with Happy Birthday Dahlia!! And you will be entered to win $150.00 Amazon gift card. Each entry must be individual so a comment under someone else’s post will not be entered. Second Part.. if you recommend my page to someone and they like my page. They are entered to win and so are you!! Same rules as above except they say for example…’Happy Birthday Dahlia… Tressie sent me!! Then you’ll be entered for a $50.00 Amazon gift card. Contest Runs until Halloween Night at midnight. Gift Cards will be sent via email from amazon, So valid emails please!! Let’s go, let’s go and win a gift card then whittle down the TBR list!!


Thank you, Dahlia.  Good luck, everyone!  Happy Birthday, Dahlia.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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2 Responses to A Halloweenish Birthday and Contest with Author Dahlia Rose

  1. Mary Preston says:

    Happy Birthday Dahlia!!

  2. Dahlia Rose says:

    Thank you Mary and Thank you Susan for the amazing Spooktacular!!

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