The Writer’s Natural Mind

Earlier this week I was speaking with a co-worker about the movie Life of Pi. I truly did enjoy this movie and my co-worker thought it was just “okay”. I asked if it was because it was too hyped up and they said that it was pretty sad and that (spoiler alert) when they realized Pi’s mom died the way she did, it made it a sort of ah-ha moment that got a bit overwhelming.
Now admittedly, I did think the movie had some definite sad parts but the overall feel of it for me, was very positive. As we got to talking about the symbolism and interpretation of the movie, I realized that I really am one of those people that walks away preferring the fantastical version of the movie, even to a point that I would believe it over true fact. Realizing this really made me question myself and why my mind would instantly gravitate toward this. My immediate explanation to my co-worker was that I’m a dreamer (which I completely am) and their reply was that perhaps that is why I love to write so much, not to mention I love to write paranormal.
Now I have no idea whether the fact that I’m a dreamer connects me to writing, but I did find it extremely interesting to see how the two of us walked away with completely different interpretations of what this movie taught us. It also made me wonder if my mind was more pre-disposed to writing, especially fictional writing or storytelling. I assume that would make some kind of sense as otherwise the world would be full one type of person and one type of mind. Still, to see our minds in action and going in different directions brought it all home.
What about you all? Do you have experiences like this that make you realize just how different the writer’s mind can be (or any mind in general, which explains why there are so many different stances out there)?
Whatever your mind is doing this week, I hope it’s being productive the way you all want, happy writing!

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