Accountability, heh

At CTRWA, we have this great mentorship program. It took me a while to figure out if I needed a mentor or not, but when I became really frustrated with my writing and my career at the beginning of the summer, I decided to take steps. I requested a “Yoda.” And lucky me! I got Jessica Andersen/Jesse Hayworth/Doc Jess, a writer I have known and admired for years, to be my mentor.

One of the first things my Yoda asked me was: “What do you need?” Heh, what did I need? A good kick in the ass, that’s what I needed. I went from writing upwards of 3k words a day in the fall to writing…well,very little in the spring. Things in life changed, sure, and I had a new job, I was VP of CTRWA, I had more on my plate. But I was also taking procrastination to a whole new EPIC level. I was busy for busy’s sake. And yes, I have fear of success issues, but that’s another post entirely. The point is, I just needed some help. So Yoda and I mutually agreed that I would need to write a minimum amount of words per week, or else SHAMING would occur.

What was that minimum number, you ask? 5k a week, maybe? 3?



At first I was like, “Haha! One thousand words? You’re kidding! I can spit that out in an hour!” Yeah, right. Every week, something came up. Eight million things happened to get in the way of my writing. Every week, I sent over the bare minimum. I was actually pretty ashamed of myself.

Then….this week came.

Sure, I had lots of work to catch up on. Gen Con was last week, and I took the week off, so I had to….well….make up lots of excuses. And I didn’t get my writing done. I think I wrote like 25 words. And then….well…this kind of happened on Facebook:



In my defense, look at those bags under my eyes! I was exhausted!

No, really, I have no excuse. I fell out of my routine. I needed a kick in the ass, and I got it. Especially when JR Ward “liked” the picture ;). Talk about conflicted feelings. “OMG JR Ward, one of my writing HEROES, liked a picture of me!”  vs. “OMG, JR Ward, one of my writing HEROES, saw a picture of me with bags under my eyes looking like a dork (oh, wait…She’s seen me in person…she knows I’m a dork…), getting shamed!”

Soooo….what am I doing this fine weekend? Well, you bet your ass I was in my writing chair, Batman shirt on, cranking out some serious wordage! So thank you, Yoda Jess!!

So, readers, what works to get YOU motivated?

Also, a call out to my husband–today we have been married for….wait for it… TWELVE YEARS!!!

About Melanie R. Meadors

Melanie R. Meadors is an author of YA fantasy, a role playing game designer/editor, and a blogger with The Once and Future Podcast and GeekMom. She also loves science, sewing, music, comics, DMing for a couple of gaming groups…In other words, she’s a professional nerd. You can learn more about her at her website, htpp:// And if you like what she’s doing here, please support her Patreon at
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3 Responses to Accountability, heh

  1. malanouette says:

    Writing relaxes me, even with deadlines. I know it’s weird. I also love our writing group, such talented people keep me motivated and I love the support and encouragement I received from you all.

  2. LOL. I just randomly came by here and I love this! 🙂 Good luck with your word count!

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