Weekly Paranormal-Scope & A Special Broadcast Link

While I’m not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked with the paranormal in the world.  In many ways, so are you.

The week ahead for:

Hobbits have been out of balance lately.  Watch your step and exercise more caution.

Vampires sometimes get toothaches.  Pay attention to your dental health.

Yetis love going to the movies for the air conditioning.  Keep your cool.

Werewolves like to scratch an itch.  Is there something you’ve been itching to do?

Pixies are easily distracted.  Focus on the important things in your life.

A lot of things are changing.  Pegasus has gone aloft.  You are in for a new adventure.

Shapeshifters are changing their steps.  Dance more, twinkletoes.

A dragon is napping on your threshold.  Where there’s smoke, there’s passion.  You’re overlooking someone dear.

Werewolves pick up the scent and run with it.  Success is in the wind.

A temple cat loves you.  Snuggle up and enjoy the sweet things in life.

Baby pixies are mischievous.  Watch your step and do not offend anyone.

Vampires are great dressers.  They know how to accessorize.  Take the time to add to your wardrobe.

Now for the Special Broadcast Link:

On Saturday, I was on Phoebe Jordan’s show on Blog Talk Radio.  Here is the link to listen to the recording of that broadcast which includes my reading an excerpt from Vampire King of New York. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/phoebe-jordan/2013/07/13/tamfa-phoebe-jordan-36-guest-author-susan-h-crowley)

Susan Hanniford Crowley

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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