Getting to Know Author, DeAnn Smallwood by Gerri Brousseau

I’m so excited to be here and hope the following lets you know a bit about me. DeAnn SmallwoodI first considered myself a writer with the sale of my first book, Montana Star. Before the sale, my manuscripts stayed in boxes, in a closet, waiting for me to have enough nerve to try again with a publisher. Rejects are hard to take no matter how many books you have sold. I absolutely love writing and don’t see me ever running out of things to write.

The genre I prefer to write in is historical-more specific-the west during the 1800’s. I’m fascinated by the women during that time period and the struggles they endured. Montana Star is about a woman doctor that studied under her father, a renowned Philadelphia physician. However, she was not credited to practice as a doctor, because at that time women were rarely allowed in medical schools and were viewed with doubt and distrust.  Her father’s death leaves her desperate for money, so she answers an ad-Wanted, Wife To Work On Ranch In Wyoming.

I have written several books. Five are published, another due to be released in April, and one under review. On a lark, I decided to change genres and write a romantic suspense/thriller. It’s titled: Death Crosses The Finish Line-the first in a series of three-my ‘death’ series. Because it’s so different from my historical and contemporary romances, I wrote it under my pen name: D.M. Woods.  I really like this series and my main characters. (The detective is a hunk!) My books are: Montana Star, Sapphire Blue, Death Crosses The Finish Line, Tears In The Wind (a contemporary romance), Unconquerable Callie, and Wyoming Heather (due out April). The second novel in my ‘death’ series is: Death Is A Habit (now being edited) and the third: Death Walks C Dock (a work in progress). I have several books in different states of completion. I get so many stories dancing around in my mind, I have to grab my computer and quick put down thoughts or write a few chapters, then I save this and wait until I’m ready to finishing writing the book.

I seem to be inspired most when I’m out in the country. But, like I said, my mind races and anything can inspire me. My poor family says I live in the clouds. Hmmm.

If I’m not writing, my hobbies are: reading-I read about one book a day-enjoying my two Yorkies, Eli and Stormy-boating,( well really, kicking back in the warm sunshine with the lake close-by for a quick dip), and enjoying my grandchildren-all four of them. My passion? That’s easy-writing.

Upcoming releases: Wyoming Heather. I wrote this for my granddaughter, Heather, who wanted to be in one of my books. It was really hard putting your granddaughter in a romantic setting with a hunk of a cowboy-Whip. But I did it. I love this book. It has a great story line and some unexpected twists. Heather is a strong, independent woman in the 1860’s that is running a ranch-left to her by her parents-on her own. The ranch has everything-except water-and that she steals from a nearby abandoned ranch. Whip returns home to his abandoned ranch after spending five years as a Texas Ranger, searching for his wife’s killer. He and Heather meet explosively on the banks of the Powder River. The setting is in Wyoming. My latest release-Unconquerable Callie was just out February. I had more fun writing this book. It’s about a woman named Callie. Callie is a liar and a darned good one. A master of the dubious art.  Callie lies her way onto a wagon train headed West along the Oregon Trail. The wagon master, Seth McCallister, reluctantly lets Callie join, believing her story of a mythical fiancé waiting at the end of the line. Callie is unconquerable as she lives through the hardships facing the pioneers-drought, Indians, snake-bite, dust, to mention only a few. Against his will, Seth falls in love with Callie but is unable to acknowledge it because of the fiancé. To make matters worse, Callie loves him. Callie is driven by her dream to make it to South Pass City Wyoming where she will open a bakery and become an independent woman. But her lies are starting to trap her.

I have a medical background. so I like to write about medicine. In my second book, Sapphire Blue, my main character, Meghan O’Reiley, doctors the people of a Yogo Sapphire mining camp using her vast knowledge of herbs. The setting is Pig Eye Gulch, Montana-an actual area in Montana. Although Meghan is sought out for her skills, she is viewed with distrust by all except by Connor, the owner of the English Yogo Sapphire mine.

Favorite authors: I have several but to name a few-Nora Roberts, Brad Thor, Lee Child, Maeve Binchy,  Sandra Brown, Linda Howard, John D. McDonald, and LaVerle Spencer.

Before signing with SoulMate Publishing, I was published by Avalon Publishing, which has now been bought out by Amazon.

My advice for new writers beginning their adventure is: don’t give up. Be prepared for rejections, but also be prepared to fall in love with your craft. It’s not a “get rich quick” field, but it’s rich in readers that will let you know when they enjoy your books. I can go for weeks on a good complement. I truly mean it when I say, “Second to writing, my greatest pleasure is having my books read and enjoyed.”

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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14 Responses to Getting to Know Author, DeAnn Smallwood by Gerri Brousseau

  1. bonniegwen says:

    Thank you for the good advice and I will have to check out your books, I love Westerns! Who can’t resist a cowboy especially a Texas Ranger!

  2. malanouette says:

    Great interview. Good luck with your sales.

  3. Sandy Kenny says:

    Thank you for this post. I need all the encouragement I can get with my writing. I think my fear of the rejection letter is one of my biggest fears. I know that this fear is detrimental to my goal, so I occasionally need to read encourageing words such as yours. Thank you for giving me my daily dosage of bravery. 🙂

  4. Wow! I loved reading your responses. Thank you so much. You made my heart sing. To anyone struggling-I know that feeling and most authors will say the same thing. Don’t let fear stop you. After the first few rejects, you will still cringe, but will take it in your stride. I hope my books fulfill your expectations. Obviously, I too love westerns. I agree, cowboys are irresistible.
    and thanks for the best wishes with sales.

  5. terripatrick says:

    I used to read a book a day. You’ve given me hope that I can do that again, and a whole list of books you’ve written that sound fabulous. Thanks!

  6. Karen Lopp says:

    Informative post DeAnn. Always fun to get to know authors better. And keep writing.

  7. Nice to hear from all of you. Please let me know how you like my books. You know, you can live several months on a good compliment.

  8. Thanks for spending the day with me today, DeAnn. It was fun!

  9. I’m with Bonnie, who can resist a Texas Ranger? I’m normally a sci-fi fan, but there’s something about a rancher that fires the blood. 🙂 I’m about to take a break from writing and refill the well, Montana Star just become my first cab off the rank. Oh! Just downloaded it to my Kindle, LOVE the cover! 🙂

  10. p.s. Whip, the hunky ranger is great. He’s my hero in Wyoming Heather due out soon. Meanwhile, try Unconquerable Callie-my man Seth is pretty awesome, too.

  11. Kudos–to both of you. Excellent blog!

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