Friday Musings by Marian Lanouette

What I’m reading this week: Going to a Double Header A Call on the Dead Club Series book by Lorrie Unites-Struiff

This week while I looked for inspiration to write several things came across my desk and I thought I’d post about them.

It’s ashame when an author works so hard to produce a book only to discover that someone stole it and was profiting from it. Today I read an interesting article from another author who had her book pirated.  Here’s the connection the article.

She made some good points in her article. If it happens to you, she posted in detail what you should do to correct.


Another thing I came across this week sent my mind back to the golden age of glamour in Hollywood was this picture below.


I think this year the women of Hollywood returned that glamour.

JessicaChastain-it was this dress I thought I was showing

News this week jumped from glamour to war to religion. Catholics worldwide waited anxiously for a new  pope to be elected. I think Pope Francis I will be a great leader. I send him my best wishes and prayers.



These are but a few things that grabbed my attention this week when I should have been writing. Was it a waste of time. Absolutely not! The news kept me informed of current event that might someday trigger an event in one of my stories. The glamour shots had me imaging my herorines and what troubles I could cause them. It also gave me some wonderful dress that they might wear to say a wedding, an awards banquet or just for an evening at home.

Everything triggers my imagination. What triggers yours? Where did you get your idea for your current WIP?


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7 Responses to Friday Musings by Marian Lanouette

  1. Thanks for the article on pirating. I’m saving this info, just in case. It has been quite a busy week out there in the world. Happy writing.

  2. malanouette says:

    I agree, Gerri. I hope neither one of us ever has to deal with it, but it’s good information to keep handy.

  3. julielhayes says:

    Pirating is very scary, Marian. I know someone who had all her works pirated from a free site, one of which she was about to publish, but luckily she could prove to the publisher that it was hers. Still doesn’t get the money back the pirate made first.

    Like you, anything and everything triggers my imagination. I have a few WIP’s. One is my current series of flash fiction on my blog, which all started with a prompt about sunrise and has now become a story about an alien who sees dead people. Also, I’ve always wanted to have my own serial killer, plus I wanted to write about the gods – one day the two ideas merged, and I created my demigod serial killer, who enjoys erotic asphyxiation.

    My story, Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire was born because I thought about how much he looks like he did years ago – like vampires.

    And Revelations came about as I listened to two men discuss the Second Coming and I began to think – what if it’s already happened and you don’t know it?

    As for Hollywood and glamour, the epitome for me was Marilyn Monroe. She was beautiful, sexy and classy.

    Great post, Marian!

    • malanouette says:

      She was sexy. I especially like her early pictures before the changes. I love your books, always thought provoking. I’m working on serial killer now that Jake is chasing in the third book Mated for Life. Good luck

  4. Jean Oram says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Marian. I hope the piracy helps other writers catch those wiley pirates! Have a great weekend.

  5. Wendy L says:

    Great post Marian, You sparked my imagination with literacy piracy, glamourous women and religious history happening before our eyes. This has the makings of a brilliant novel set in a bygone era or now.

    So, I get the feeling, if we chose three different topics and weave them together with intrigue we should be on a winner everytime. Here’s my 3 topics to throw into the mix. urgh my brain hurts…trying to think… Hang on something will come…. Brain surgeon losing confidence; a young woman missing in Paris at night; a horse trainer working a fine racehorse dangerously hard.

    Since I’ve had personal experience with only one of these but have been angered by watching the media re another, I’m semi qualified to write the novel. 🙂

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