Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day by Marian Lanouette

What are you reading this week? I’m reading and loving Reflection by Kim Cresswell.

Sorry for the late post. I wrote it days ago and thought I had uploaded.

Valentine’s Day conjure up images in my mind of young couples dresses to kill on a romantic candlelit dates.  Or a young man picking up his date with flowers and candy in hand. However you spend Valentine’s Day, I wish you a happy romantic one.

I feel when you love and respect someone Valentine’s Day is everyday. white rose

With true love comes a bond that is hard to break. Over the years the passionate love strenghtens its bonds by building a life and family together. You still get the heart palpations when he enters the room. In fact, a smile still does it for me.

Working together as partners builds that life and legacy. Too often today I witness drama among young couples who profess their love. That’s the stuff that makes romance novels not real life.

bride_and_groom_gourmet_apples_jumboReal life love is an unbreakable bond of trust, respect and love. You see you can’t love someone you don’t trust or respect. From my own experience I know that love grows each and every day.

One last parting thought on the subject. Remember when you’re in love, you should have a feeling of euphoria not pain.


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7 Responses to Do you have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day by Marian Lanouette

  1. Nice post! I called my hubby in and pointed to the part about feeling euphoric all the time. I told him he better step it up. LOL I have a few trips planned with mom and sisters in Feb. and then another one to Vegas in March. I told my husband, show me the cash this Valentines Day. (but between myself and your readers – there better be some chocolate somewhere in the equasion!)

    Happy Valentines Day everybody! Give your Valentine a big kiss!!!!

  2. Stan says:

    Very nice post. I like your message, though truthfully I no longer believe in true love forever. Just haven’t seen it or experienced it. Anyway, I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as being more than husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend. I’ve always thought of father-children and grandfather-grandchildren. Even son-mom. But I like your basic message of “trust, respect and love.” And it should apply every day, not just on a media-reinforced day. I wish you great success with your writing.

    (SS Hampton, Sr., MIU author)

    • malanouette says:

      Thank you, Stan. I believe in it because as I’m fond of saying, “I hit the lottery when it came to love.” As a youngster I used to love getting up on Valentine’s morning because my parents would put little heart candies by our breakfast plates. And we were even allowed to eat them before breakfast. What a treat. Thanks for bringing back that great memory.

  3. Gail Ingis says:

    Oh, I thought I was the only one who forgets to publish. I didn’t do a blog this week b/c I am doing judging, can’t do it all. And I have the best Valentine sitting right next to me in front of our warm wood stove watching the wet snow grow. chuckle. Good post Marian.

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