Happy Halloween

Hi all, thought I’d do something fun for Halloween. Below is based on a true story of how a friend of mine had her first… well keep reading and enjoy!

“Thanks mom!” Sara slammed the door of her mother’s ’88 Honda accord and walked up the cement path to her friend, Lacey’s, house. She hiked her bag up on her shoulder and grinned. Halloween night and they were having a co-ed Halloween party. Almost everyone in her 7th grade class would be there, but most especially Erik. It didn’t hurt that Lacey lived in front of a cemetery either. That would only make the night extra spooky.

“You’re here!” Lacey swung the door to her house wide. “Just in time too. We were just about to play hide-and-go-seek in the cemetery. Erik’s here already too.” She winked as she stepped back, letting Sara in. “My mom just ordered pizza so we have an hour to kill and figured this would get the spookiness started.”

“You don’t even like spookiness; I’m surprised you want to play in the cemetery.” Sara placed her hand on her hip.

Lacey shrugged. “I know, but we are going off in pairs. I’ve already paired you up with Erik as everybody agreed that boy and girl pairs were the best. So come on.” Lacey grabbed her hand and tugged, leading her downstairs to the basement and out the glass sliding doors into the back yard. A couple motion sensor lights lit the grass and the sparse trees behind a group of about twenty boys and girls.

“Here she is,” Lacey said. “Now we have ten pairs. We’re ready to go.”

Erik glanced up as they joined the group, his light brown eyes lighting up at the sight of her. Or may she imagined they did. “Hey,” he said. “You’re my partner.”

Sara stuck her hands in her jeans pockets and smiled. “So I heard. Who are we hiding from?”

“Mark and Jane volunteered to be the seekers for the first round.” He grabbed her hand and tugged. “Come on, I know you’re fast.” Sara let him lead her, running through the trees and into the cemetery. Their long strides covered ground quickly as they passed manicured bushes, a narrow road that wound through the cemetery and several marble benches.

“Back here.” Erik pulled her with him as he got on all fours and crawled along the damp grass. Fortunately she wore jeans and not one of her nicer pants.

“What are we doing here? And why so far?”

Erik sat, leaning against a marble bench. “We’ll be covered by the bushes. Not to mention they probably won’t run this far.”

Sara had to agree with him there. “I don’t think anyone will find us here.” She sat. “But don’t you think this is a little too far?”

Erik twisted his lips into a shy smile as he glanced down at his lap and then back at her. “Not really.” He lifted his hand and tucked her hair behind one ear. “You’re really pretty you know.” He leaned closer and touched his lips to hers.

Sara kissed him back briefly before pulling away. Something cold dug into the palm of her hand. She lifted her palm and glanced down at it. The numbers eighteen ninety-eight were pressed into her skin. Ugh, she had just had her first kiss on top of a grave.

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2 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. That was a fun Halloween story. Thanks, Toni.

  2. Mary Roya says:

    Well having your first kiss on top an old grave is creepy. Thanks

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