Calm Before the Storm

It was fun seeing old friends and making new ones at Albacon last weekend.  Sometimes I get the post con blues.  Cons are such a flurry of activity; running from event and event; passing old friends in the hall.  To the left you see Author Anna James and I at the booksigning table.   We thank Author Rebecca Hart for the photo.  It was a tough one to get one with the sun so bright behind us.  I’ve tried to adjust it more so we’re more visible.

I was thrilled to hang out with Author Bianca D’Arc.  It was great to sit down and talk and catch up on our lives.  It seems life has been moving fast for me lately.  As I write this, I am babysitting the adorable grandbaby Penelope.  She is sleeping right now.  That’s my Connecticut shirt.

As I do the day job, take care of the family, and work on my book edits,  (I love book edits.  Really I seriously love reading what my editor thinks will make my book better.)  I am preparing for the storm that is supposed to whack Connecticut either Monday or Tuesday.  The flashlights have been checked.  We’ll have to get more water and also fill the bath tubs.  It was around this time last year when we were hit by the October snowstorm.  It took people completely off guard as snow in this state in October is usually inconsequential.

For me this is the beginning of my intense writing season.  As soon as I’m done with edits, it is on to another book that’s been floating in my dreams.  But back to the edits.  I want this next book to be my best one yet, so I’m being studious in chosing words and examining paragraphs.  I’m excited and focused.

Back to the impending disaster:  I could not help but notice that the weather reporters are positively gleeful about Hurricane Sandy.  Well, I’m battering down the hatches and printing out.  I will even work by flashlight.  The adventure continues.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

P.S.  If suddenly the next member of the passionate Nights of Passion crew doesn’t come on, don’t worry.  It’s just the storm, and we’ll be back.  🙂

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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2 Responses to Calm Before the Storm

  1. cmkempe says:

    Sue, it was fantastic to see you and have a chance to chat and eat and hang out. Albacon’s always interesting — I was glad the erotic reading went so well on Saturday night. Not so sure about the panel before it! When the moderator referred to sex scenes as ‘intimate intervals’ I knew it was going to be a challenge. >_< LOL!

  2. Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

    I can’t remember who moderated. “Intimate interludes” is something though. LOL

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