Meet Ghost Photographer Julie Griffin by Gerri Brousseau

Nights of Passion is really excited. We have a very unique individual with us today, ghost photographer, Julie Griffin. Welcome Julie.

NOP: Have you always believed in ghosts?

Yes I have. Growing up in the Midwest, I lived in two houses that were actively haunted. In the first house, I saw doors open and a chandelier swing many times. But I only remember it happening during the daytime. It wasn’t scary because my Mom explained it as part of the personality of the house and there was nothing to worry about. In the second house I heard heavy footsteps upstairs when I knew no one was there. Everyone in the family had heard the footsteps a few times.

NOP: Please tell us what first inspired you to photograph ghosts?

The end of 2008 I decided to learn about being a paranormal investigator. I soon found a group to work with.

NOP: How long have you been photographing ghosts?

I have been doing a lot of photography since 2006, mainly nature and landscapes. But the ghosts only started appearing in early 2009, after I began learning about investigating.

NOP: How do the apparitions appear in the photos?

Spirit energy manifests in a lot of different forms. They can appear as a mist, streaks of light, shadows, full body apparitions, and more.

NOP: When you go to a location, do you feel the energy of a presence or are you taking photos only to see later that there is a ghost in the picture?

Sometimes I do feel the presence of energy and I’m drawn to certain areas at the location. But I can also feel nothing unusual there too. I have never seen the spirit I have caught a photo of with my own eyes.

NOP: Please tell us about your book, Ghostly Photographs.

Ghostly Photographs, ghost stories you can see with your own eyes. Every story has one or more photos that have something in them that can not be explained. I tell what happened throughout that investigation which may cover just a few hours or a few days.

NOP: You photograph ghosts, but have you ever seen one?

I have seen a full body apparition of a woman and of a little black dog when I lived in the second haunted house I mentioned earlier.

NOP: Would you please share with us some of the locations where you have found there to be paranormal activity?

I have been to Gettysburg a few times; hauntings are reported all over town. I’ve also been to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany NY, the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch NY, and many more.

NOP: Would you be willing to share a picture here with us?

Of course. I always take three photos of the same spot because energy can change and move as it manifests. And having a photo with nothing in it, to compare to the photo with the anomaly, makes it easier to see what the difference is. This was taken at the Oldest Wood Jail in America, located in Barnstable MA. There is nothing unusual in the 1st photo, but in the 2nd  many streaks of light appear on the right side of the photo that have an unknown source.


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11 Responses to Meet Ghost Photographer Julie Griffin by Gerri Brousseau

  1. Julie,
    What a perfect time of year to talk about ghosts. One thing I forgot to mention above is that you have agreed to give one lucky person a free copy of your book. All they need to do is comment. Let’s have some fun and talk about ghosts.

  2. malanouette says:

    I love your cover, Julie. Sorry I missed last night it–read the post–it sounded wonderful. I’m checking for the next one. Can’t wait for December to get my signed copy. I hope you have lots on hand.

  3. Gail C. says:

    Hi Julie, I know from attending your talk and seeing you work, that you use just a regular point and click digital camera. Do you have it on any special settings? Especially at night? Oh, and the book is a wonderful and fun/spooky read. Loved the antique store story!

    • Hi Gail
      I use a regular camera. It is a Nikon P80 that i have set on automatic everything. And I look through the view piece, not the LED screen when I take photos. So glad you enjoyed the stories in the book too. And the night at the Antique store was quite an experience!

  4. Jon says:

    Hi Julie, I’ve been to a few of your presentations and enjoyed them. Would love to participate in an investigation some time. Did you see Grant and Steve last week at Warner?

    • Hi Jon
      So nice to hear that you have enjoyed going to my presentations. I didn’t go to the Warner theater, it sold out too fast!

    • Jon says:

      Just to correct my post…it was Jay and Steve, not grant. I thought about you while we were there and thought it might be you asking one of the questions.

  5. Gerri Bowen says:

    What a fascinating job you have, Julie. Very interesting post, and I will have to get your book.

  6. Great post here by Gerri and Julie – and very appropriate timing with Halloween just around the corner. I was drawn to this post because my own novel (soon to be e-released) is about a woman who falls in love with the ghost at an English manor house. I’ve done some research into hauntings of English estates, and have always been fascinated by the subject, but have never had a direct experience with a ghost. At a recent family gathering I was surprised to discover the number of people who claimed to have experienced an encounter (some pretty scary), or know someone who has. Like so many people, once I start hearing the stories, I’m drawn to wonder and speculate on the who, why and what. Thanks ladies.

  7. mandicasey says:

    Great interview and neat topic. Ive heard many many stories from various people who have experienced ghostly encounters. Thanks for sharing the cool pictures 🙂

  8. Joy Smith says:

    A perfect seasonal topic. Ghosts. Many of us think it is fantasy, but Julie Griffin proves they are not only real, but all around us! Buy her book and you’ll be looking over your shoulder for ghosts, too.

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