Special Announcements & 13 Days of Halloween Blog Tour Paranormal-Scope

Special Annoucements:  First off I want to say that due to my participation in a blog tour, C. Margery Kempe was kind enough to trade places with me this week.  She will return to her usual Sunday spot, next week.  Her most extraordinary guest for tomorrow is DC Juris, Author of GLBTQ & Het Romance
So stay turned for Monday for DC Juris.

Second announcement:  Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween Blog Tour Paranormal-Scope, which will be followed by the names of authors who are your next step into a strange and wonderful voyage into the paranormal.  Weird, wonderful, and sexy.  A big thanks to JoLynne Valerie who put this blog tour together!!!

The week ahead for:

Venus, Roman goddess of love,  thinks you’re hot all over.  Drink tall, cool beverages.

Beware the wolf in pig’s clothing.  Okay, this wolf is confused but still sneaky.

Pigs can fly.  Bulls can fly.  Ok, no, you can’t fly.  But your achievements will soar this week.

Sirens have mastered the art of being alluring.  Think “siren” and update that wardrobe.

Like the Minotaur charge forward with your excellent plans.  Clarify anything you are uncertain of.

Take the high ground and soar and spread sunshine with Apollo’s chariot.

Like Danu, Celtic Earth Goddess, go back to the source that rejuvenates you.  Surround yourself with greenery and flowers.

Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, is a bad boy in a fun way.  Open yourself to new adventures but keep an eye out for bad boys.

Zeus, Greek god of the gods, gave you a bolt.  Plan carefully where to throw it or save it for a rainy day.  But choose wisely.

Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, suggests taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.

Tiberius, the blind seer, could see things other people could not.  Your vision on life will be crystal clear this week.

You’re standing in the middle of the battlefield between the Norse Gods and the Greek Gods; lightning bolts are flying.  Don’t let either side draw you in.

Now to continue on the 13 Days of Halloween Blog Tour, click on the link below.

Oct. 22 Amy Williamson

Oct. 23 Candi Fox

Oct. 24 Jason Black

Oct. 25 Nadia Romanov

Oct. 26 Jennifer Leigh Scott

Oct. 27 Shoshi

Oct. 28 Karyn Dolan

Oct. 29 Brady Allen

Oct. 30 Jessica Subject

Oct. 31 JoLynne Valerie

Susan Hanniford Crowley


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3 Responses to Special Announcements & 13 Days of Halloween Blog Tour Paranormal-Scope

  1. Candi says:

    ooh. I’m a siren!

  2. Drats, I was hoping the Bad Boy would leave (they seem to be hanging out for a loooooong time, Scorpio here;)


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