Author Mandi Casey Joins me today by Marian Lanouette

The Bizarre life of Sydney Sedrick is one of my favorite books. I want to thank author Mandi Casey for stepping in for me today as my family grieves the lost of Brian Allen, beloved husband, father, son, brother and nephew.  May you walk into the light.

Sydney Sedrick interview:

Interviewer: In a nutshell, how would you describe yourself?

Sydney: Well, I’m 27 years old, and I was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. My parents moved down to Chicago, but I’ve recently moved back to Kenosha to help my Aunt Judith with her store, Morning Sun. Since then, my life has been turned upside down.

Interviewer: What makes you say that?

Sydney: A few nights ago, I was attacked by a werewolf and he bit me in the neck. Ever since, I’ve learned that I’m the new Selected.

Interviewer: Selected? What does that mean?

Sydney: I’ve only recently found out that werewolves and vampires exist, obviously, as I was bitten by a werewolf. According to some dusty old prophecies, the Selected is destined to save the world, somehow.

Interviewer: Are you dating anyone? How do they feel about your new found position?

(Note: Sydney’s cheeks blush and she averts her eyes before answering.)

Sydney: No, my pool of would-be boyfriends is pretty barren right now.

Interviewer: Really? That surprises me.

Sydney: Well, there is Blake. He’s the heir to the Midwestern Werewolf Pack. He’s pretty sure I’m his true-mate, but that’s not possible.

Interviewer: If you both like each other, why not go for it?

Sydney: Ha! Yeah, you sound just like my sister, Brianna. No, we weren’t meant to be together, Blake and I. You see, if I date him, the vampires will get all ticked, and then they’d attack the werewolves. I just couldn’t stand to have that kind of bloodshed on my hands.

Interviewer: Thanks for your time, Sydney. Maybe we’ll talk more about the Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick soon.

Sydney: Um, thanks for having me.

End of Interview.

Author Bio

At age ten, Mandi Casey bought her first paranormal romance. Since then, she’s been bitten with a passion for vampires, werewolves, life-mates, and all matters relating to love and romantic stories of success against all odds. Her writing style draws the reader in with emotionally charged connections, conflict, adventure, and dark, snarky humor.

When she’s not writing, Mandi enjoys Frisbee golfing and researching and writing about urban paranormal romance.

She is a member of Rockin’ Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America and Savvy Authors.

Connect with her on Facebook or follow her blog at

Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick can be purchased at:;; or

Please check out the book trailer for Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick at:


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4 Responses to Author Mandi Casey Joins me today by Marian Lanouette

  1. mandicasey says:

    All ebooks are 50% off at today in celebration of their 1 year anniversary! It’s a great opportunity to buy awesome reads at half the price!

    • malanouette says:

      Thanks, Mandi, for the heads up. The Nights of Passion own authors Susan Hanniford Crowley and Gerri Brousseau are also Soulmate authors. So are a lot of our CTRWA fellow authors.
      Once again, thank you for filling in for me.

  2. Gail C. says:

    Hi Mandi,

    Your book sounds interesting. Can you tell us a little more? Like what are the vampires like? Are they the bad guys? And why is it not possible for Sydney and Brian to be true mates? Is he a human-turned-were or was he born a were?

    • mandicasey says:

      Hi Gail, thanks for stopping! Sydney is stuck in the middle between the vamps and the were community. Both want to use her powers to eliminate the other, and they both need her to fulfill their prophecies. The vampires are full of old fashioned Elders to ones who want to move their covens into current times. There are good vamps and then there are very bad vamps even within the same coven. You never know who you can trust as the Selected. As far as Blake goes, if Sydney gives into her hottest desires, then all-out war would ensue. The vamps wouldn’t take it lightly if they suspect Sydney has sided with their enemy, which makes Sydney have to tread carefully whatever she does.

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