Refreshed and Retreated so I Can REVEAL!!! by Leia Shaw

Some of you may have heard I went on a writers retreat this past weekend. And if you’ve been reading along with my posts here, you know that I’ve been having a bit of a battle with my muse. Namely, she wants out of this relationship and I want to strangle her for deserting me. But with my borrowed muse in place (we’ll call her friend cause BM just isn’t very pleasant sounding), I was ready to start the weekend with a fresh attitude.

Now you may or may not know this, but writers are a strange folk. For one, they talk about themselves in the third person. How annoying. But more relevant to this blog post I’m pulling out of my ass the night before, we can be very unpredictable. We say we’re going to do one thing then our rascally muses send us on a different path – or in my case, spin us around in circles then run away laughing to Hawaii. This summer I have, literally, started four books.

My, how unorganized and flighty of you, Leia.

Shut up! You don’t know me!

Ahem. Sorry. But for the last two years of my writing career, I have been anything BUT unorganized and flighty. In fact, I’ve never been more focused on anything in all my life. I’ve been like a super writing ninja, a weapon of perfect precision. I had a vision goddamn it, and nothing was going to get in my way.

Then summer hit. And I went from super writing ninja to rodeo clown in a circus. Yeah, bad analogy, I know. Did you read the part about doing this blog at the last minute?

me looking a little ragged after writing for 2.5 days with very little sleep

Anyway, this weekend my plan was to write wherever my heart went. To commune with my inner self, have a chat with my soul, open my heart wide and…do other happy mushy stuff to inspire me. And honestly, it worked. Armed with candy, diet soda, the awesome writers around me, and my laptop, I wrote my little heart out.

And what developed surprised me. I have two projects coming up. And today, I’m revealing them to you. Yes, because you are that special. Also, I have nothing else to blog about.

I don’t have covers or anything. But I do have book titles. And believe me, that is quite a feat.

The 5th book in my Shadows of Destiny PNR series is called Covert Destiny. For fans of my book, this is Kieran’s story. Remember him? From a loooong time ago? He’s the fae prince from book 2. I tried to force myself to write Maddox’s book, since originally it was next in line. Wasn’t working. So I tried Aedan’s book instead. STILL wasn’t working. Apparently Kieran wants to be written, the demanding bastard. His is flowing out of me like puke during a stomach virus. Wow. Really bad analogy. But it’s late and I’m tired and my kids have been sick so it’s what you get.

My other project is…ready for it? A contemporary erotic menage (m/f/f) BDSM romance. Sound fun? It is! Sound dirty? It is! A little. But it’s got a lot of heart, depth, romance, and of course, humor. So give it a try! It’s tentatively scheduled to release near Halloween. Wanna know why? Huh? Do ya? Because one of the main characters is a ghost hunter!!! AND, it’s co-written with the wonderfully talented and a bit crazy Cari Silverwood and up and coming superstar Sorcha Black.

Below is an excerpt from this book titled Dom with a Safeword.

Sabrina made it to the top of one side then froze while she analyzed the iron spikes. If she could get one leg between the two spikes then she could straddle the fence without impaling her girly parts. She grimaced at the visual.

“What the fuck are you doing?” came an angry voice below. Q was back.

“Shh! I’m trying to concentrate!” Her muscles ached, holding herself in the awkward position.

“Don’t fall!”

 She rolled her eyes. “Yes, thank you. What ever would I do without your genius advi-ahhh!” The foot holding most of her body weight slipped and she tumbled to the ground.

She landed mostly on her ass, but it knocked the wind out of her.

“Are you alright?” Q asked frantically, helping her up.

Sabrina grumbled at the set back. “I’m fine.” A little soreness where she’d landed but it could’ve been worse.

Q sighed and turned her around, looking her over. “There’s dirt all over you. I told you this was a bad idea,” she scolded, brushing the dirt off her back and ass – a little too roughly. “What did you think was going to happen?”

“Ow! Not so hard!”

She held her still with hands on her upper arms. “I found a broken rung. We can squeeze through. But if we do this, you have to promise, nothing else dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” She smirked. “What could be dangerous about ghost hunting?”

Q gave her an exasperated look then released her. “Smart ass.”


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8 Responses to Refreshed and Retreated so I Can REVEAL!!! by Leia Shaw

  1. Mary Roya says:

    I like what I read so far. So how does that work with you and two other authors? Do you each write a chapter? Embellous a chapter with everyones’ input?

    Thanks Mary

    • Leia shaw says:

      It’s been fun so far. Since the book has three main characters we are each writing one character’s point of view throughout the book. It’s working out so far. Cross your fingers. Lol.

  2. Julie Ramsey says:

    catching my attention would love to see more

  3. It is fun writing this book, which is now called The Dom with a Safeword (because some thought the Dom word was being used as a verb)
    yes, as I was saying…fun, except when we want to reach out and slightly strangulate the other writer. Which, thank god, doesn’t happen more than once a day.

  4. Mary Roya says:

    BTW, you look beautiful. I know you said that you haven’t slept but I think you look lovely. We are usually hardest on ourselves. I hope that you can get some rest soon. Take care.

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