The Good Guys You’d Love to Love

Okay, bad boy were easy to write about.  It’s probably just my nature.  There are some really sweet guys in movies that do have appeal.  Even I sigh when I see them.

I think most women will reply that Tom Hanks in “Sleepless in Seattle” was irresistable as the widower Sam Baldwin.  When Sam’s son calls a radio talk show on Christmas Eve saying that his dad needs a new wife, the radio host gets Jonah to put his dad on the phone. Unintentionally the still grieving Sam pours out his heart on national radio talking about his perfect and magical marriage to Maggie.

Thousands of women listen to his story, among them Baltimore journalist Annie Reed (Meg Ryan).  Annie who is engaged to be married can’t keep Sam off her mind.  Her love life with her fiance Walter is nothing like what she heard Sam talk about on the radio.  She writes to him.  If you haven’t seen “Sleepless in Seattle” which also is entwined with the older film “An Affair to Remember”, you will be happily surprised.

Oh, and have tissues on hand.  And chocolate.

It just so happens that the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD is now out.

Moving on with our Good Guy edition, I’m going to move an actor who has played Bond.  It’s long been a joke with my husband that whenever he yells “Bond is on TV,” that I stop everything and come running.  What do I mean by Bond?  Why James Bond, of course!

Now comes the debate on whether Bond is a good guy or bad boy.   From 1995-2002, Pierce Brosnan played Bond.  I loved him in “Remington Steele.”  I was excited when I finally played James Bond.  He brought his subtle charm and quick wit.  He was a great super spy.

But then everything changed.  The world was changing and Bond’s remarks in this day and age could be construed as sexist.  Then in 2006 in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig became Bond.  There was controversary over him being a blond Bond.  But personally I didn’t care about that.  I wanted to see how he was going to continue being the ultimate spy in a changed world.

I was surprised to see a sensitive, caring Bond.  Not really the womanizer of the past.  He as just as deadly as a spy, but you saw his feelings, his weaknesses, and in that his strengths.   Bond had become better.

There are lots of good guys, and I was torn as who to include or not.   Who would you include as a Good Guy You’d Love to Love?

Susan Hanniford Crowley


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5 Responses to The Good Guys You’d Love to Love

  1. Hi Susan,
    What about the dark side of good guys, such as Batman, Spider Man, Han Solo (not so much dark, but certainly a bad/good boy). I do have to admit, I wouldn’t turn Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig away.

  2. cmkempe says:

    My sweetie, of course! He’s a good guy. I have to say I *loved* Craig as Bond. Best Bond ever. I did run into Pierce Brosnan several times when I lived in Los Angeles. Tall — and I can attest that he looked just as good in person. Not always true of actors — there’s a lot lighting can do… (o_O)

  3. I wouldn’t turn Pierce Bronsnan or Tom Hanks (two of my favorites.)

  4. Left-Brained Business for Write-Brained People says:

    Love HEA movies like “Sleepless in Seattle”–you hit that one just right. Another I love watching over and over for the same kind of reason is George Clooney and Michelle Pfieffer in “One Fine Day”. But, wow! You could be my ghostwriter about how I feel about Bond! And like you, I loved Pierce Brosnan as the choice (and was mad I had to wait because NBC wouldn’t release him from the last, limping season of Remington Steele–but since this was was the show that finally tumbled ABC’s Hart to Hart from the top of the ratings, I guess I understand NBC not wanting to let go despite fan outcry). Who but Brosnan could have not only played the ultimate suave con man, then ultimate spy James Bond? And I admit that I was part of the doubters about Daniel Craig until I saw him in the movie “Munich”–that’s when I understood exactly why he was cast as Bond. Like you, I love the deeper dimensions he brings to the 007 role–besides the fact that he is just HOT. Great post. You made my day.

  5. I think Hugh Jackman makes my list. And now that I know he can sing (Les Miserables)? Ooh la la! Nothing melts my heart faster than an alpha male hottie with a great singing voice.

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