Meet Author Kathy Wheeler by Gerri Brousseau

I’m so excited to have Kathy Wheeler here with us today.  Kathy has been published and has also self-published, so I’m sure she will have quite a lot of valuable information for us.

Kathy, I know you have had two novels recently released, Quotable, from Soul Mate Publishing, June 6, 2012 and The Color of Betrayal, The Wild Rose Press – June 13, 2012.  Please tell us a little bit about each of them.

Kathy: Quotable is Genna Lyndsey’s story. She and her friend Lorianne own a little used bookstore called Renew Interest Used Books. She is brainy, introverted and prefers books over people—and when others become too intrusive, out pop obscure quotes to keep them at bay. Someone is sabotaging the bookstore property and things turn dangerous.

The Color of Betrayal is part of a project the Oklahoma Romance Writers are working with through The Wild Rose Press, Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll. Part of the criteria includes: a tie to Oklahoma; the curse being portrayed accurately; and true love breaking the curse.  My story is a contemporary where the heroine, Malia Kane, inherits the cursed doll upon her mother’s death. As such, she refuses to acknowledge Luke’s attraction because everyone she’s been involved with since the age of sixteen has been affected by the curse. But Luke is not to be deterred: He’d risk a broken nose for love.

NOP:  I understand the sequel to Quotable is due out in September.  Please tell us a bit about that as well.

KATHY:  Maybe It’s You is Lorianne Gentry’s story.  I mean, how can a girl who’s been rejected by Once Upon A Time ever believe that happily-ever-after even exists?  Lorianne is branded by deep-seeded insecurities.  Abandonment issues surface when she finds herself falling in love, totally pissing her off.  Ashton Turner III, however, was nobody’s Knight-In-Shining-Armor.  He’d jumped off that horse a long time ago­—the sex, however, was damn good.  When Lorianne’s grandmother delivers life-altering news, his past explodes into the present.

NOP:  In addition to this, you mentioned you self-published two books, The Wronged Princess – Book I and The Unlikely Heroine – Book II.  Please tell us a bit about those two.

KATHY:  Ah, these books are truly fun. The Wronged Princess – Book I is what happens when Cinderella loses her glass slipper. Of course, she feels quite smug when Prince Charming announces to his kingdom, he’ll try the shoe on every maiden until he finds his mysterious princess. Unfortunately, it slides just as easily on her evil sister, Esmeralda’s, dainty foot.

The Unlikely Heroine – Book II has Pricilla (she has the larger foot, which hurts her feelings) and Prince Charming’s dashing cousin, Sir Arnald, running for their lives when they stumble upon a hoard of villains.

There are actually two more: The Surprising Enchantress – Book III. A dainty foot means nothing when one’s eyes (Esmeralda’s) flutter fast enough to change the weather. A deterrent to any prospective intended.

Book IV – The English Lily, is another Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll story, which has been contracted by The Wild Rose Press. (At this time, there is no release date)  This is a big year for me!

NOP:  You have been published and have self published.  Which was easier and why?

KATHY:  There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both. When you are contracted, you are under the publisher’s timeline, which in and of itself, is good and bad.  Good, because you know your work will be looked at by new eyes, good because you will have an actual date in which you must complete your work, and you inherit other marketing advantages. Bad, because you lose revenue, through editing (because you had better get someone good to go over your stuff) and of course, the publisher’s cut.  But writing and publishing are all in name-building and recognition. It will always be work, whichever way you decide.

NOP:  If you could be any character in any of your books, who would it be and why?

KATHY:  I love both Pricilla (The Unlikely Heroine – Book II) and Lorianne (Maybe It’s You). They are strong young women who defy the constraints of society’s expectations, yet are vulnerable, forcing the hero to look beneath the surface in order to understand his attraction. Which, he does, thus, making him a—hero!!!

NOP:  Of the books you have written, do you have a favorite and if so, which one?

KATHY:  The English Lily (The Wild Rose Press) was an interesting book to write. The heroine is introduced in The Surprising Enchantress – Book III. She is very young, and comes across as a spoiled English heiress. Yet, as you get to know her through her own story, things aren’t quite what they seem. She can’t read. One interesting note, is that when I submitted The English Lily to the editor, she sent a note back telling me her own sister’s struggle with the same disability. It was quite intoxicating realizing how she resonated so with the character.

NOP:  If they were going to make any of your books into a movie, who would you like to see play your hero/heroine?

KATHY:  The whole Cinderella series would make a fabulous series of movies. As they cover intrigue, betrayal, smuggling and murder. Though, sweetly written, of course! If they made a movie, who cares who would play them!  It’s a movie!

NOP:  What’s next for you?

KATHY:  I have two stories currently in the works. One is the fourth book following Quotable, Maybe It’s You, Two Equals One (not currently submitted, although written) is Little Kenny’s story. The other is a book my husband and I came up with on our way to Colorado back in March.

NOP:  What do you enjoy most about being an author?

KATHY:  I love the creativity. I love how the characters tell their stories through me. I feel very blessed by their honor and hope I do them justice.

Now for some fun questions:

NOP:  Who is your favorite actor?

KATHY:  I don’t get to watch a lot of movies, (though Brad Pitt is the cutest thing ever) Could I name a sports guy? Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Hardin?

NOP:  What is your favorite movie?

KATHY:  I really, really love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

NOP:  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

KATHY:  Chocolate! Without nuts, marshmallows, whip-cream, or any other funky stuff. Just chocolate.

NOP:  What is your favorite color?

KATHY:  Some days it’s yellow (for sunshine), other days it’s green (for spring); Other times, pink because I’m still a girl. But as a Leo—it has to be…Red. For fire and passion.

NOP:  Beach or Mountain lake?

KATHY:  Definitely, beach! I can take the heat! (Now, I need to diet!)

NOP:  One place in the world you would love to visit … and why?

KATHY:  Hmm, I’ve been to London, Madrid, Barcelona, Avignon, Paris, Köln, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Puerta Vallarta, Grand Cayman.  I think I would love to visit the castles of Ireland and Northern England. I adore the rich, old history.

NOP:  If you weren’t an author, what would your profession be?

KATHY:  I would be on stage in Musical Theater.

NOP:  What kind of music do you like?

KATHY:  Uh, Broadway.  But I also love 70s, 80s, 90s, pop and rock.

NOP:  Do you write with music playing, tv on in the background, or in a quiet place?

KATHY:  The people talking in my head are most insistent that I don’t listen to music. Even though I tell them that I can tune most anything out!  Usually, when I write, I have sports or The History Channel on… very low.

Now for some excerpts:

Quotable – by Kathy L Wheeler (6/6/2012)


Without so much as a second thought, he moved his mouth over hers in slow deliberation allowing her almost ample time to step back should she have wished. It didn’t matter that the door was to her back and she had nowhere to step back to.

Definitely, the wild honeysuckle drove him wild with desire. Just the feeling of her timorous nature kept him from devouring her outright, tempting as it was. His tongue touched her lips in a feathery motion drinking in her sweetness. He pulled her to him, her slight body leaning into his.

A sharp pain hit his leg. He grunted and broke the kiss, making the break as painful as the pain in his leg. He glanced down. She’d dropped everything she’d been holding, her hands clutching the front of his shirt. Her cheeks were flushed. With hunger? Need?

She seemed at a loss as to what to do next. He stifled an urge to smile, irritation dissolving for the moment.

He grasped her hands gently, surprised by the rising desire to safeguard her. Resisting the appeal to reclaim her mouth, he tugged them from his shirt. Kneeling down, he gathered the spilled belongings. Just as he suspected, he’d been besieged with books.


GENNA LYNDSEY is not a people person.  A short, too-skinny, wild haired waif, with crazy hair and sturdy nerdy glasses lives through books.  So it’s lucky she and her best friend own their own bookstore.  Her college days taught her that dating was too unreliable to depend on others.  It was then that she started resorting to obscure quotes to shield herself from others who ventured too close.

RICK JOHNSON, Fraud Insurance Claims Investigator, is assigned to look into an unusual number of claims filed by Genna Lyndsey.  He suspects Genna of sabotaging her own property for insurance money.  His investigation uncovers an adorable introvert determined to keep everyone at bay, while someone else resolves to put her out of business—no matter how great the risk.

The Color of Betrayal – by Kathy L Wheeler (6/13/2012)


Seeming oblivious to his presence, her gaze spanned the room before dropping her face into open palms. “It’s old. It’s ugly. Why? Why would anyone want the blasted thing?” She had obviously forgotten his presence as the conversation she carried was strictly her own. “It’s that damned curse. It has to be.” She raised her head, staring out a window, its sill covered in dust. Her eyes squinted in the sunlight. “Oooh, it would serve him right if he did snatch the stupid thing.” Full lips pressed in a stubborn line had him lusting to trace them with a fingertip. Coax them into a curve.

Who?” he demanded, but she didn’t answer. Luke decided to take charge of the situation before she completely lost all contact with reality. “What makes you think the doll is cursed? Not that I believe it for a moment.” It felt odd saying the words aloud, though the words from the note were carved in his memory.

She shot him a startled glance. Yes, that was surprise covering her features. Annoyed, he

promised himself he’d work on forging a less forgettable image later. Right now, however, she

seemed to be debating how much to tell him.

Malia opened her mouth to speak, and suddenly Luke’s brain ceased any rational functioning. A pressing need to kiss those parted lips overtook common sense, and he covered her mouth with his. How much more blatant a signal would he have to send for her to realize his attraction?


Luke Reiser has every intention of marrying Malia Kane, a difficult feat when she refuses to acknowledge his interest. When Malia’s grandmother asks for a doll left in his attic, Luke believes his luck has changed. He summons Malia to his office, but he doesn’t expect her reaction.

Malia doesn’t have time to do artwork for Luke’s company. She’s preparing for an art show to ease financial difficulties looming like a snuffer ready to extinguish a candle flame. But what she finds at Luke’s office is worse than bankruptcy—it’s that horrid doll bequeathed to her at her mother’s death. Malia has found out the hard way the curse breaks any would-be lover’s nose, and worse. Not wanting to risk injury to Luke, she takes the doll and runs.

Can an ancient doll bring the two together…or will Luke end up next in a long line of victims…with a broken nose as well as a broken heart?

Where can you get Kathy’s books?

currently available amazon, b&n, smashwords: The Wronged Princess – Book I
currently available amazon, b&n, smashwords: The Unlikely Heroine – Book II – May 25,2012
The Wild Rose Press – The Color of Betrayal – June 13, 2012
Soul Mate Publishing – Quotable – June 6, 2012
Soul Mate Publishing – Maybe It’s You – September 2012
currently available amazon, b&n, smashwords: The Wronged Princess – Book I
currently available amazon, b&n, smashwords: The Unlikely Heroine – Book II – May 25,2012
The Surprising Enchantress – Book III – Summer 2012

WOW, Kathy, you are one busy gal! And … guess what, readers … Kathy has agreed to give away an ebook version of Quotable to one lucky winner! Here is what you need to do to qualify. Comment, and somewhere in your comment you must say the words, “I want to be quoted.” Thanks Kathy for sharing with us today. And good luck to all our readers who enter.


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  1. Kathy, what a great interview. I’m excited to read all these books as they all sound great. I hope you enjoy your day here at Nights of Passion.

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    Great interview. Nice to get to know more about you and your writing.
    Bev Irwin/Kendra James

  3. Thank you. I hope I don’t bore anyone…

  4. Anna says:

    Terrific interview. I admire Kathy’s passion for writing, her endless creativity, and ceaseless productivity! Keep up the great work…you are an inspiration.

  5. Thanks, Anna. It must be passion, because otherwise, I’d never have time!

  6. Darcy Flynn says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Enjoyed the interview! It’s great to get to know you a little better. 🙂 Your books sound wonderful. I love the excerpt from Quotable! Genna is adorable. Looking forward to reading her story.

  7. Callie Hutton says:

    Good interview, Kathy. All your books sound great. See ya Saturday.

  8. The books sound awesome, Kathy. I can’t wait to read them.

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    Great interview, Kathy, and what fun sounding books.

  10. Thank you, everyone, for your very kind comments.

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