Serendipity by Gerri Brousseau

Hi Y’all. Gerri here. I know you were expecting Leia Shaw, but it’s her wedding anniversary so we thought it would be nice to give her the day off. Congratulations to Leia and her hubby.

Today I thought I would talk about serendipity. This is the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable or useful when you least expected it. Over the course of the winter and into spring I had a bird feeder hanging out on my deck. I feel sorry for these poor little creatures trying to eke out a survival over the harsh winter. I enjoy watching all the colorful birds that come to visit the feeder, which is the first serendipitous effect of having the feeder up. The birds unknowingly provide entertainment for my cats, which is the second serendipitous discovery of feeding the birds. The cats watch through the glass door, their tails wagging back and forth as the birds eat their sunflower seeds. How funny the cats are. They know they can never get those birds through the door, yet, they sit there each day honing their stalking skills on prey they can never reach.

Out on the deck I happen to also have a huge flower pot. It’s full of soil, but nothing was planted in it this year. Last year, it hosted a tomato plant, but since I didn’t put a deck garden in this year, it remains empty. The feeder just happens to hang over the large planter. Now it just so happens that the birds are messy when they are eating seeds. They toss seeds to the ground as they search for the particular type of seed they favor.

Last month I noticed I had two plants growing in my forgotten flower pot. I never watered them and just left them to the elements. Much to my surprise, I have a little garden out there. One of the plants turned out to be a beautiful sunflower and the other … corn. Yes, I have a corn stalk growing in my planter. It’s probably 5 feet tall! How exciting! I’m happy to have growth out there that was provided by the messy birds dropping seeds. How serendipitous is that?

Have you ever had a serendipitous experience? What pleasant event happened that you didn’t expect? Please do share. Inquiring minds want to know …


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2 Responses to Serendipity by Gerri Brousseau

  1. Happy Anniversay Leia. Have fun! I have Gerri and I love it when it happens.

  2. Hi Marian. Thanks. I have an unexpected opportunity to blog with my friends and tell them about my beautiful sunflower. I have never had any success in growing them when I intended to, but I got one by accident – thanks to the birds. I love watching the birds too … gives me peace.

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