What Is This Writer Doing When You’re Not Watching?

Oh, my!   So much!

In just one night, I went into a virtual world and helped a friend become a dragon. 

That same night, I was reviewing a fantasy story that was sent in to the magazine where I am an Associate Editor.  I’m trying to decide how much I love it.  If I love it, it goes on to the Fiction Editor and if he loves it, it goes on to the Editor-in-Chief.   If she loves it, she sends that author a contract.  So far I am loving what I’m reading.

And in addition, I am working on a new book with a brand new vampire.  I have to find a street map of a certain Southern town, I’m not telling which… it’s part of the fun.

All of this in just one night.  I am always writing.  I am always being the editor.  And when no one is looking I fly through a virtual world as a dragon.

I love all the bits and pieces of my life.  Whether I’m Grandma telling a story to baby Penelope or working on the code of a website or sitting in the doctor’s office for a checkup and reading a magazine about an awful disease.  Every part of my life has become magical, amazing, exciting, and different every day… an adventure.

Maybe it’s time to look at your bits and pieces of your life.  What makes it fun?  Strange?  Weird?  Different?  What adventure are you on?  What parts amaze you?

Susan Hanniford Crowley






About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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5 Responses to What Is This Writer Doing When You’re Not Watching?

  1. Susan, thank you for your post. I had just returned from exploring a small Southern town, south of Richmond, as research for my own novel. On the train there and back, during my stay in and around Richmond that included visiting the Museum of Confederate History, Hollywood Cemetery, listening to “Robert E. Lee” sharing reminiscences, even taking a contemplative walk on the last battlefield, I realized: everyone I see, meet up with, smile at, becomes a potential character. An ongoing adventure, for sure.

    Recently, my granddaughter, Viktoria, taking on her first equity role, in OLIVER, at the Ivoryton Theater, posted on her facebook about it, calling the theater her True Love. For me, perhaps for all of us at CTRWA, I believe writing is.

    • Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

      Hi ZsuZsa,

      How wonderful! I love Richmond, but it’s not the towm I’m researching. I’m so excited how you use this wonderful city in your novel. Yes, the human race is so packed with characters!

      Brava, for your granddaughter Viktoria! YAY!

      Living your dream is the best!

  2. I loved your post and Penelope’s lucky to have grandma with such an imagination. Can’t wait to read the new story. When will it be out?

    • Susan Hanniford Crowley says:

      Hi Marian,
      Thank you. The story isn’t quite down, so I have no date. My heroine keeps having problems. Isn’t that always the way! LOL

  3. Hi Susan,
    Sorry I’m so late in getting to the party … super busy day. You are one busy lady yourself. Can’t wait to hear about your new vampire story and even more than that, I can’t wait to do the grandma thing … we can go any time, so I’m excited. Lots going on in my life these days, but it’s all good.

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