Olympic Games 2012 by Gerri Brousseau

The Olympic Games 2012 – London, England. Wow! From July 27th through August 12th the best athletes from around the world will meet in London to vie for a gold medal. After we were wowed by the opening ceremony at last Olympic games in China, it will be interesting to see what London has in store for us. I love to watch the teams from the different countries march into the arena, proudly waving their flags and wearing their colorful uniforms.

I saw on TV that Sir Paul McCartney will sing. I wonder if Madonna will too? Where’s Sir Elton John in all this? I heard the Rolling Stones feel they will not be ready to perform. What? Seriously? They have been singing together for over 50 years. They’ll be singing together six months after they’re dead! Guys, if you ain’t ready by now, you ain’t never gunna be! For the love of God, what’s up with that?

The events span from archery and diving to equestrian and beach volley ball. I saw on TV that Prince Harry already has tickets to attend the women’s volley ball event. Prince Harry is so much fun. I love that he can really be himself and do enjoy watching him enjoy his life.  I did see that the Royal Couple will attend (how could they not). We all love William and Kate, but they certainly are not as much fun to watch as Harry. I wonder what color the Queen will wear and I’m looking forward to seeing her hat.

I wonder if the games will stop at 4:00 for tea. Hey, it’s London … it could happen!

For those of us not lucky enough to travel to London and attend the actual games, I wonder how many of you will be watching? Which events are your favorites? And will Michael Phelps swim away with all the medals in swimming?


About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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2 Responses to Olympic Games 2012 by Gerri Brousseau

  1. I love the summer games!

  2. Hi Marian,
    Thanks for commenting. I like the summer games, but the winter games are my favorite. I will watch the opening ceremonies and the events I am interested for the summer, but usually I’m interested in all the winter events. Guess I’m a snow bunny.

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