Book Trailers: The Discussion Continues

 by C. Margery Kempe

I figure I would piggyback onto Gerri’s discussion from Friday because I just made another trailer for an anthology I’m in. But I figured it might be helpful to share some examples and see what works — and doesn’t. The first one up is my “general” trailer from a year or so ago. Time to update! I interlaced titles with a few bon mots from reviews in the hopes of giving a general idea of my style.

Next up is my trailer for Chastity Flame, my first novel. I wanted to give a quick sketch of the story, just enough to tantalise. I used some of my own photos from London; I’d actually chose a specific place for Chas to live and took a bunch of pictures to have at hand to remind me. The climax takes place on the Millennium Bridge, so that’s handy! 🙂

My trailer for alter-ego Kit Marlowe‘s The Mangrove Legacy featured a lot of 19th century art, an advantage when you’re trying to find art that is not held by copyright (although you do have to be careful that reproductions of original art may themselves fall under copyright — always be sure). I tried to capture the silly tone of this comic Gothic in the text.

My latest video capitalises on the premier league champions for the first time in 44 years, Man City, who give their name to my latest publication, a naughty football ménage. So I mashed the two things together with some lively drum-based music (I love drums).

The last video I’ll share is my latest, for a publication under my given name. Because of the nature of this anthology, the trailer tells the story of the book’s creation rather than any of the stories within it. It’s a good hook.

So, what do you think? What works best? What would you suggest for the future?


About C. Margery Kempe

A writer of erotic romance: see my website, for a taste of my work including free stories, book trailers and more.
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5 Responses to Book Trailers: The Discussion Continues

  1. Ok … where did you get the pictures and music? Did you have to pay for them? Did you use Movie Maker to make the video and where did you post them? Were they difficult to make? Now you have my interest up and I want to try to make one. Not only that … there are one or two of your books I’m going to have to get!!!!

    • cmkempe says:

      LOL, well that’s a good sign! Hee. Pictures were my own photos or else my book covers; music I either got from musician friends with permission or mostly from Incompetech, a site Kevin McLeod runs where he offers his music for free. I always link back to him.

      I use mostly use iMovie which comes with Macs. The last video was a bit more of a challenge because of the collage, so I made the presentation in Powerpoint — because it’s easier to play with sizing and placement of images — then saved the slides as JPGs which I imported into iMovie.

      I actually knocked out a story board for the “Burning Bridges” on Idea Storm (an iPad app that allows you to draw pictures easily). It helps to give you an idea of pacing. Usually you just need to have a brief description and a hook, but it’s worth planning a little, even if you just sketch out ideas on a pad of paper.

  2. The music doesn’t fit with the pictures for me, except may in that last one. I think you need darker, more compelling tunes to go with the sultriness of your stories. Otherwise, not too shabby.

  3. Oops – “maybe” in the last one 😉

  4. cmkempe says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, Rebecca.

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