Promotion: Stage 1

So as I mentioned last week, I am going to review the art of promoting your work.  Much of this information is what I’ve gained from research or other authors.  Unfortunately, I did not take full advantage of all this before my novella came out but there will be many more to come and the only way to truly get your name out there in a good way is to keep writing great stories.

So I’ve divided this art of promotion into 3 stages.  Today we are going to cover stage 1 which is before your work is published.  This stage probably involves the most work so that you are ahead of the game when your work is published and you are truly ready to start getting your name out there.

Included in stage 1 are the social networks (facebook, twitter, linked in, etc.) as well as sites like Goodreads which allow you to interact with your fans, friends and readers.  On these sites as well as on the sites where your work will be sold (Amazon, B&N, Bookstrand, All Romance Ebooks, etc.), you should create an author page and profile with your bio, a photo and an email to contact you. It’s important to build a strong network of other authors as well as your readers. Writing is a continual learning process and we learn from all sources.

In addition to the social networks and sites, you may want to consider creating a trailer for your book. These are really meant to entice your audience and give them an idea as to what your work is about.  On Nathan Bransford’s blog, guest blogger and author Myrlin A. Hermes gives a great example of creating a trailer for her book The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet.

Lastly, you’ll want to create a website and or/blog for yourself so that you are communicating your work and others’ works with your readers/friends/fellow authors. You may also want to consider looking into doing ‘blog hops’ which allows you to promote your book and give out gifts on various sites as well as your own.

Most importantly to remember is that the more work you do earlier on, the less you have to scramble later.  Also, the world of authors may seem solitary but we depend a lot on each other for promotion and support, so build that network. Next week, we’ll move onto stage 2 of the art of promotion.  Happy writing this week!

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4 Responses to Promotion: Stage 1

  1. Thanks Toni,
    This is certainly timely for me since I just signed with a publisher and I am going to start getting ready for promo. Can’t wait to read Stage 2.

  2. Toni Kelly says:

    congrats on signing, Gerri. I’m glad this comes in so handy. It is never too early to start promoting.

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