Interview with author Kit Marlowe

C. Margery Kempe here: Today I’m in Dundee to interview the historical romance writer, Kit Marlowe author of The Mangrove Legacy [now on Kindle!], The Big Splash and the on-going serial novel, Airships & Alchemy. Hello, Kit — and happy birthday (well, birthday plus one!).

Hi, C. And belated happy birthday to you, too, birthday twin!

How would you describe your approach to writing?

Oh, I wouldn’t. Takes too long — I just hand people a book and let them start reading.

Is that harder to do with ebooks?

It certainly is. I haven’t yet figure out how to beam my books directly into people’s heads, but I suspect when I have mastered that art I will be able to cut out the middle man entirely.

But won’t that make people privy to the other weird thoughts in your head?

Possibly; that could alarm them needlessly. Perhaps I will just keep selling ebooks in the normal way.

How would you describe The Mangrove Legacy then?

It’s a big thick Gothic sort of book that’s also infused with the surreal humour of Alice in Wonderland. It’s got a good gripping tale with kidnappings, pirates, ghosts and cheese, but it’s also got bizarre surreal moments and a lot of funny moments (if I do say so myself). Speaking of birthday gals, a lot of it is directly inspired by Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. I’d like to think Jane would find it amusing.

Do you only do historicals? The Big Splash is also historical but not nineteenth century, is it.

No, it’s set in Jazz Age London. I do mostly historicals: I wouldn’t rule out a modern story, but I love these eras so much. And the medieval, too. Constance and Collier’s adventure in the 1920s of my favourite city is really a love letter to P. G Wodehouse who makes me laugh so much. It’s so difficult to be funny and he makes it look absolutely effortless, which hides all the work it takes. He once said sarcastically that writing was easy, “I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit.”

What’s the serial novel about?

Airships & Alchemy is a later nineteenth century setting, but a little steampunkish too. The influence here is Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre but also the steampunk interest in airships combined with a more mystical interest in alchemy. There’s a lot of silliness, too, but it’s more fantasy than romance, so I’m stepping a little furtherout of the genre. There will be romance, just not until a few chapters in.

Excerpt from The Mangrove Legacy:

“Lizzie!” Alice cried at last, overcoming her annoyance at having the delightful view of Kit Barrington wrung from her gaze only to feel a growing sense of panic as the carriage declined to slow at all. “What’s happening?

Lizzie, for her part, was wondering much the same thing, but forbore to reply acidly to the obviousness of her cousin’s question and reached instead toward the intent. Why on earth was the carriage moving at such a fast speed? It might be that the horses had startled at something, but surely the driver would be able to rein them in fairly soon. No, there was only one logical answer.

“We are being kidnapped,” Lizzie said with some horror and not a little worry, but she was unable to conceal completely the exciting nature of the proposition. This was the best thing to happen to her in quite some time. While it did not make up for being orphaned from parents she genuinely loved, it was an improvement even on her secret romance which, while quite thrilling to contemplate, remained a secret unshared and thus, less than fullyexhilarating.

Alice, for once, was speechless.

She had waited all her life for some grand adventure. From the nursery to the parlour, her life had been an endless string of more or less what had been expected for a young girl of her stature and wealth. Even the death of her father (which was rather swiftly fading into the back of her somewhat over-taxed brain) failed to meet the expectations of excitement (although the possibility of there being something suspicious about the death raised the stakes considerably for a brief time). But here, Alice and her cousin were on the brink of a very big adventure indeed. So many words expressing her supreme joy raced one another to jump to the front of her mind and expel themselves from her lips, that they met in a great jumble, blocking further thoughts and clogging her throat to such an extent that unfamiliar feelings rose to her breast in the agitation of the moment and unexpectedly, rushed into her heart.

Alice burst into tears. She was quite surprised. Lizzie, too, was shocked. Assuming these unaccustomed droplets to indicate fear, she grasped her cousin’s hand consolingly and attempted to reassure her. “I am certain we will come to no harm, my dear cousin. Undoubtedly some evildoer has seized the opportunity of the funeral to realize some terrible plan, probably to procure money, knowing the wealth of your family.”

Alice was too overcome by her unexpected tears to answer immediately. She wanted to say many things, which unfortunately only made it more impossible to get them out. As unaccustomed feelings battled for dominance in Alice’s heart and mind, a muddle of words struggled to pour out her throat, which only brought forth a tremendous moan and yet further tears.

Lizzie was still nonplussed by her cousin’s behavior, but thought perhaps a new tack would jolly Alice out of her unexpected emotional display. “Come now, Alice. If you keep crying like this, the coach will soon be full of tears and we will both drown.

Rather than the laughter she hoped for, Lizzie’s words only provoked a wail as Alice wiped her teardrops from her cheek. Lizzie was just about to dab at her cousin’s eyes with her handkerchief when Alice’s eyes lit up with elation, and she reached into her sleeve. At last, she thought, I get to use my mourning handkerchief!


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6 Responses to Interview with author Kit Marlowe

  1. Gerri Brousseau says:

    Hi Kit, Thanks for sharing with Nights of Passion. I’m interested in The Mangrove Legacy, which involves two of my favorite things, cheese and pirates! I must get it … have to see how you put all those things together. Hopefully Santa will leave me a Kindle Fire this year and I can get your book! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • cmkempe says:

      LOL — I think a lot of people are hoping for a Kindle Fire under the tree this year. You can also download a free Kindle app for your computer or mobile. Cheese and pirates are a great combination, eh?

  2. Pingback: Of Cheese annd Pirates « Kit Marlowe

  3. katelaity says:

    I had so much fun writing this book: it started as a serial that I began because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time for fun writing while I was trying to write my way out of a less than optimal academic job. I was so overloaded with work, I thought I might not have time for fiction at all, but the fears were groundless — I don’t think it’s possible for me not to write.

    — Kit

  4. Gail Ingis says:

    Hi Kit, thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday.

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