Writing and Romance

There’s a chill in the air that makes it even more compelling to want to snuggle up by the fire and watch a good movie or get lost in a good book. There’s something in us that likes to cuddle up in cold weather and conserve heat. I guess it’s a kind of hibernating urge. As much as our many creature comforts protect us from the elements, there’s still something primal about the effect of the shorter days.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning: the Xmas market in the square below me has generated even more detritus than usual. The street cleaner was up bright and early to clear it away and the sound echoes so much in the alley that it woke me. Then there was the ritual removal of bottles. That’s a year round sound. But when I got up and looked out the window I was somewhat taken aback to find it was still dark outside. That’s the kind of thing that sends you back to bed.

I’ve had to bury myself in some required projects that were not particularly “fun” in the usual sense of the word. They’re topics that interest me, but I’m not really in an analytical frame of mind. I gave a talk this week that seemed to go over well, but it required a little more of that academic cap. Next week I head off to Scotland and I will be working on the Chastity Flame sequel and a few other fun things.

I’m still getting used to the novelty of being in love again. It’s so lovely to have someone to share things with, who says good night and good morning even when you’re in different countries (in a few days we’ll be together again :-)). I’d forgotten what it feels like to be cherished. What a lovely word. This year has brought so many changes — changes that offer so much energy and inspiration and zest for writing. I am grateful for the gifts: a wonderful partner, a magical land and stories to tell.

About C. Margery Kempe

A writer of erotic romance: see my website, www.cmkempe.com for a taste of my work including free stories, book trailers and more.
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4 Responses to Writing and Romance

  1. Gerri Brousseau says:

    I love the idea of experiencing Christmas in another country. It must simply be magical. Galway is lovely. Can’t wait to hear about Scotland! I’m so excited about your journey and couldn’t be happier that you have found love again. Grab onto that fleeting rascle (love) and hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride.

    • cmkempe says:

      Thanks, Gerri! I am loving it and I suppose I have learned a lot from mistakes in the past. The more true we are the better it goes. I am looking forward to Xmas in Scotland. Should be lovely 🙂 Hopefully not too cold.

  2. ZsuZsa says:

    It sounds like you’re living a Prime Time phase in your life. Treasure it!

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