Rebecca Royce Interview and Contest by Gerri Brousseau

Hi Rebecca and welcome to Nights of Passion. 

Thanks so much for having me. I always love being here!

We are excited about your newest release, EmbracedWould you please tell our readers a bit about it?

Embraced is the second book in The Conditioned series.  Here’s the blurb:

Benedicte Lavelle is a single father raising two small daughters. When his neighbors put him in charge of handling the haunting that plagues their neighborhood, he has no choice but to use disreputable means in order to bring in a Conditioned ghost hunter to help with their problem. He doesn’t expect to be drawn to the young woman who arrives at his house in chains. He doesn’t expect to have his entire life thrown into upheaval when she is snatched away.

Conditioned prisoner Seven-Two-Four has never had a name. She cannot read, and is scheduled to die as soon as she is returned to the Institution. The Conditioned are not
considered human, but Seven can see ghost energy and she can love Ben like no one ever has before.

When fate takes Seven from Ben’s arms, can he move on and find a new purpose in life or will he be forever trapped by the need to rescue those like his lost love?

What inspired you to write Embraced?

After I wrote Eye Contact, the first in the series, I was inspired to write a whole lot more in the world. Embraced seemed to be the logical choice for the next in the series.  It showed that things were happening everywhere, and not just in the NYC area where Eye Contact took place.

Also, Seven and Ben were just begging to have their stories told.

I read on your website that you like to have some of your favorite characters show up in other novels.  of all your characters, who is your favorite?

Oh wow. I don’t know. That’s like asking me to pick from my children. I can’t. I love them all for different reasons. Even the difficult ones.

Do you ever draw from the personalities of your family for any of your characters?

Sure. Absolutely. But I’ll never tell anyone who is based on whom.  That would get me in so much trouble.

I see by your website you have a series of Werewolf books.  What inspired you to write about werewolves?

I was at the zoo with my kids many years ago. I saw the wolves in a wolf pen and it inspired the whole series. I’m about to finish the second to last book now.

When did you first realize you wanted to write?

In fourth grade, but I seriously decided to pursue it when I was pregnant with my second son who is now four.  Let’s blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

If for some unforeseen reason you could no longer write, what would be your new profession?

Um.  That’s tough. I would still want to be home with my kids a lot, which writing really allows me to do. But, I guess I would want to teach English. I loved studying it in college.

Many of our readers are new or unpublished authors, what advice do you have for these folks?

Write every day. If you want it to be your job, you have to treat it that way.

I read you will be having a new release I’ll Be Mated For Christmas, with a release date of 12/2.  I assume by the title, this novel is in the werewolf series.  Would you tell our readers a bit about it?

It is not part of Westervelt. It is part of the 1NS series with Decadent Publishing. It is a series that is written by many authors and it lets us tell the stories of people set up by the magical Madame Evangeline who promises her clients that they will have a magical one night stand with the perfect person.  They are short stories and they let us, the authors, basically tell the story of two people having one night that changes their lives. I’ll Be Mated For Christmas is one of those stories and the hero happens to be a werewolf.  I have another book in the  series called One Night With A Wolf that also is werewolf related.

You have The Outsiders series and The Conditioned series.  Would you please tell our readers a bit about these?  Do they intertwine with each other?

No.  They are separate worlds.  The Outsiders tells the story of eighteen people (9 soul mates) who through a terrible set of circumstances have been separated from each other at birth. They have to come together to save the world from evil and destruction but most of them have no idea they even have a destiny, let alone how to fulfill it.

The Conditioned is an ongoing story.  I don’t know yet how it will resolve or if it will.  Its what they call Speculative Romantic Fiction.  The idea is that, in an alternative now, society is locking away people with psychic abilities, considering them un-godly and dangerous.  The Conditioned tell the love stories of people in this situation and what happens when some of them decide to throw off their chains.

What’s next for Rebecca Royce? 

Right now, I am writing the next Westervelt book. When I finish, I hope to write another 1NS book and continue on with some of the other series that I write.

I would be happy to give away a copy of any of my Decadent Publishing books to a commentator.

Do you hear that readers?  Let’s show Rebecca how much we love her books by our comment and please include the word “Decadent” in the body of your comment to enter.  Thanks and good luck!

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7 Responses to Rebecca Royce Interview and Contest by Gerri Brousseau

  1. Thanks so much for having me!

  2. Marian Lanouette says:

    I look forward to reading the decadent books. Marian

  3. I’ve got several Decadent books on my TRB list & my books to buy list. I’m looking forward to reading all of them, they sound lucious, which is what a book released by a publisher name like Decadent should be.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  4. Renee B says:

    I also have several of your Decadent books on my wish list and I would love to win one of them. Thanks for the chance to win.

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  5. I’m just learning about a lot of different authors and Rebecca Royce is one of them so I have not have the chance to read any of her books but I look forward to. Decadent!


  6. Gerri Brousseau says:

    Way to go, Ladies … let’s keep this Decadent conversation going.

  7. MS says:

    Can’t wait to read your book, I will be making all purchases from ;0)

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