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Nicaraguan Folk Legends – Boohoohaa!

Back within my blog archives, you’ll see I’ve visited the beautiful country of Nicaragua a time or two (actually it’s been much more than that but I’ve only written about it a couple times). That’s because my better half is … Continue reading

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Contest & Taking A Long-Toothed View of Vampire Fiction by Inanna Arthen

I can still recall the very first vampire movie I ever saw. I was twelve years old, and the movie was a heavily edited version of Hammer Films’ The Brides of Dracula. I know it was heavily edited because it … Continue reading

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Story & Contest: Denver Daydream By Sable Grey

(A new story by Sable Grey) “We’re going to be late,” Phillip mumbled with irritation, glaring at the car in front of him.  Traffic had come to a complete halt. “Maybe there’s an accident,” Helen craned her neck in an … Continue reading

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Halloween Bash Paranormal-Scope Game/Contest

We’re beginning the Halloween Bash with a fill in the blank paranormal game.  The commenter who fills in the blanks with the most amusing answers in my opinion will win one pdf ebook of my backlist.   The game ends at … Continue reading

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by C. Margery Kempe The chilly weather has come to Galway. I had to turn on the heat last night while I worked away at my kitchen table. I don’t mind. I prefer autumn and spring to summer and winter, … Continue reading

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Thriller by Gerri Brousseau

They say that hearing a song brings you back to a time and place in your memory.  Thus, lovers have what they refer to as “their song.”  There are songs that remind you of a certain person, not necessarily a … Continue reading

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Apple Picking by Gerri Brousseau

If you are a tried and true New Englander there are a few things, traditions if you will, that you take part in each autumn.  One of those activities being apple picking. Every autumn, I drive out to a local … Continue reading

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Autumn and Upcoming Pumpkin Festival by Jennifer Iszkiewicz

Everybody has their favorite time of the year but for me, there’s simply no argument:  Nothing beats Autumn. With Mother Nature’s palette painting our hillsides, trees redolent with apples ripe for the picking, sweaters begging to be worn on a … Continue reading

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An Educative Article on Description

I’m excited as I’m finally in the midst of content edits for my novella, Irish Dreams, and I’m learning about description in writing. Now I’ve blogged about description before so I’m not going to concentrate so much on how to … Continue reading

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The Life Behind The Art: Mary Shelley by Debralee Mede

“The different accidents of life are not so changeable as the feelings of human nature. I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body. For this I had deprived myself … Continue reading

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