Contest and A Dark Night Sundae

It seems appropriate as I write this that it’s snowing.  In conferring with my vampire friends, I’ve discovered that those over 100 years old have food fixations and cravings.  The following dessert recipe is a favorite with the Vampires in Manhattan.

Quart of Chocolate Ice Cream
Package of Oreo Cookies
Bottle of Chocolate Syrup
Jar of Chocolate Sprinkles
Bag of Small Marshmallows
Jar of Cherries (optional)

Directions for one serving:
1.   Get a bowl and scoop in two healthy scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream
2.   Put three Oreo Cookies in a plastic bag, crush the cookies, and pour over the ice cream
3.  Pour four stripes of Chocolate Syrup
4.   Sprinkle Chocolate Sprinkles over it
5.   Sprinkle Small Marshmallows liberally over everything
6.  Add Cherries—this is optional.  The Vampires in Manhattan like to soak their cherries in blood.  Yes, I can see you understand why it’s optional.  LOL

Now for the contest:  One lucky commenter who says “More ice cream, please” in the comment box will win a pdf ebook from my backlist.  (You’re welcome to visit my website below to read about my ebooks, but be sure to enter the contest here.)  This contest is worldwide and ends on Oct. 31st at noon Eastern Time and is void where prohibited by law.  Good luck and happy eating.

Susan Hanniford Crowley

P.S.  For two additional contests, visit   and look for me there.

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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9 Responses to Contest and A Dark Night Sundae

  1. Gerri Brousseau says:

    Ice Cream is one of my weaknesses, so I always want more. I’m happy the Vampires of Manhattan remembered I’m allergic to peanuts and did not add them to the recipe. Please pass my heartfelt thanks on to them. I’ll have to give this a try. Of course, the cherries I use will not be soaked in blood.
    Oh, I almost forgot … more ice cream, please ….

  2. Yadira A. says:

    “More ice cream, please” It’s too early to be wanting ice cream, but this sounds too good to resist:) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  3. More Ice Cream, Please.

    I just had a bowl of that Pumpkin Ice Cream I was talking about on an earlier post last night. Yummy!

    I definately would skip those cherries & the marshmallows too. Cherries in a jar are gross, with or without the blood. I only like my marshmallows melted in Rice Crispy Treats or lightly toasted with graham cracker & chocolate.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  4. “More Ice Cream Please”!!!! Love the blurbs for the Vampires in Manhattan series. I would love to win one of those books. Susan is a new author for me and I would love the chance to win one of her books. Thank you for the contest.

  5. OOOP! I forgot to leave me email LOL

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  6. Tawania says:

    More ice cream, please! Im loooking forward to making this recipe 🙂

  7. Gail Ingis says:

    I do not want more ice cream, but I really do. I love the post, so fascinating to note the comfort of ice cream. I know it is a comfort, but is it a food. Who cares? Right?

  8. So glad to see the need for ice cream. LOL Good luck, everyone.


  9. Thank you, everyone, for entering my contest. Congratulations go to Yadira A. I will be emailing you.


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