Story & Contest: Denver Daydream By Sable Grey

(A new story by Sable Grey)

“We’re going to be late,” Phillip mumbled with irritation, glaring at the car in front of him.  Traffic had come to a complete halt.

“Maybe there’s an accident,” Helen craned her neck in an attempt to see what was causing the jam but to no avail.  Glancing at her three children in the back of the mini-van, she smiled.  Her eldest, Trent, looked bored out of his mind but handsome none the less in his Sunday’s best.  The white wires of a pair of earplugs met beneath his chin and connected to his phone.   Beside him Neilson stared out the window, lost in his own world.  Katie, only five, was equally oblivious as she watched a Disney movie on the screen above them.

Facing forward, Helen looked at Phillip as she smoothed down her flower print skirt.  “It shouldn’t taken them long to get it cleared out.”  But he continued to drum his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently.  He was right.  They were going to be late.  Leaning to the side, she tried to see around the cars ahead.

“You aren’t going to be able to see anything from here.”

Again, he was right.  She would just have to get a closer look.  Opening the car door, the black leather sole of her boots hit the asphalt and as she stood, she ran her hands down the smooth leather that stretched skin tight around her legs.  When she reached up to tie back her straight blonde hair, the fabric of her tank top rose high on her stomach and the Denver wind hit her bare skin.

Ignoring the stares of those in the cars around her, she strode in slow motion between the two lanes.  She squinted as the Denver sun reflected off of cars windows…


“Huh?”  Helen blinked and looked at Phillip.  “What did you say?”

“You aren’t going to be able to see anything from here,” he repeated.  She nodded, straightening in her seat as he rolled down his window.

Grasping her sunglasses from her collar where she always hung them, she slipped the wire framed lenses onto her nose and continued to make her way through the traffic.  It was more than an accident, she realized as she neared.  It was a blood bath.

A quick survey of the overturned van and the strewn bodies, due to her training, she assessed that the shooter had taken out the driver first from a window on the third floor of the building across the street.  The van flipped and as each of the men crawled out unscathed, the shooter took them out one at a time in broad daylight.

Flashing her badge at the nearest officer, she strode past him to the hunk obviously in charge.  “Have you secured the building?”  Time slowed down as he looked up, revealing a brilliant blue gaze that locked with hers instantly.  Tall, lean, and very sexy.

He fell into step beside her as they headed across the street.  “Mike Lawrence.  We have the exits guarded and a team ready to go in.”  His gaze washed over her.  “No back up?”

“Helen Bryson and I am the back up,” she said as she pushed open the doors and pulled the gun from the back waistband of her pants.  “Let’s move.”  Up the stairwell to the third floor.  But the shooter was gone.  Not gone, Helen amended silently, but hiding.  Room by room they searched and finally located the man on the roof.

As he shot at them, Helen ran to the left, circling around, and lunged at the shooter but he jumped out of the way.  She hit the ground, rolled, landed on her feet and raced forward.  As he lifted his gun to fire again, she leapt into the air, sailing forward until the heel of her boot connected with his jaw and he tumbled backwards.  As she landed in a crouch, Mike pinned the man to the ground and hand cuffed him.  Others rushed forward to haul him up and take him into custody.

“Not bad,” Mike said.

“Not bad, yourself.”  She followed him back down the stairwell behind the others but noticed that his step was slower than the rest.  They’d fallen behind considerably when he turned and faced her.  Their eyes met and in the next moment they came together in one another’s arms.

His mouth caught hers and his tongue collided with hers in hot passion…

“Thank God.  Finally, we’re moving,” Phillip growled with irritation causing Helen to blink and look over at him.  Their car finally eased forward.  As they passed, Helen could see the cause of the traffic jam.  An old woman had driven her car onto the sidewalk and took out a no parking sign.

~The End~

Now for the Scavenger Hunt Contest for the ebook Tempest Moon.
Go to Sable’s website to find the answers and post them in the comment box here.  The winner will be randomly chosen from those who get the 3 right answers.

1.        How many titles does Sable Grey currently have listed on her website?

2.       What is Sable’s favorite movie?

3.       What is the hero’s name of Tempest Moon?

The prize:  A free copy of Tempest Moon, recently released at Cobblestone Press. Contest ends at noon on Oct. 31, 2011 Eastern Time.  Void where prohibited by law.

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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9 Responses to Story & Contest: Denver Daydream By Sable Grey

  1. Gerri Brousseau says:

    Helen has quite the imagination. Apparently, she was the only one in the car not bored to tears. Good story.

  2. Also there is a free anthology called Erotic Nights available to those who join my site as well as Blakewood, my read ad I write chapter by chapter story also available for my members.

  3. What a great contest. It was fun lurking thru Sable’s website. I enjoyed the blurb and excerpt of Tempest Moon.My favorite kind of book (shifters) I would love to get it. Putting it on my wishlist.
    Here are the questions and answers for the contest.

    1. How many titles does Sable Grey currently have listed on her website? 24
    2. What is Sable’s favorite movie? The Shining
    3. What is the hero’s name of Tempest Moon? Doctor Joseph Crane

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. Tamsyn says:

    Thanks for the short but sexy episode. Love it! I’m also a fan of Iris Johansen’s Wind Dancer trilogy. They are on my keeper shelf.
    Please count me in for the contest.
    1. 24 books including the free read
    2. The Shining
    3. Doctor Joseph Crane (love that he is a shapeshifter!)

    Many thanks!

    • The Wind Dancer series…my husband used to keep an eye on the book…when they started to look a little tattered from reading somuch, he’d buy me another set. Of course now they’re available on Kindle so I don’t need to keep doing that anymore. 🙂

  5. That is so cute Sable that your husband kepts replacing your tattered Wind Dancer set. I admit that not having to worry about my favorite books getting damaged is one of the things I like about having an eReader, although the number one benefit is that I can cart hundreds of books with me wherever I go & not break my back.

    Ok, on to the scavenger hunt.

    1. How many titles does Sable Grey currently have listed on her website? 24

    2. What is Sable’s favorite movie? The Shining

    3. What is the hero’s name of Tempest Moon? Doctor Joseph Crane

    Thanks for the contest.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

    • Yes, I didn’t think I could get used to having a reader…such a book nerd. But I adjusted quite quickly to be honest. And like you say, there is more shelving space on the device than on my walls!

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