Market or Die with Jennifer Fusco by Gerri Brousseau

We are so excited to have Jennifer Fusco with us again.  Congratulations on the release of your second book, Market or Die: How to Use The Power
of Your Brand
.  With the success of your first release, Market or Die:
Sensible Brand Building Advice For Writers
, please tell us some of what we
can expect to find in Use The Power of Your Brand.

Thanks, Gerri. I’m always honored when asked to guest blog on Nights of Passion.  I wrote “How to use the Power of your Brand,” as an extension of the first book.  Once authors developed their brand statement, the next logical step is to put it into practice.  This book addresses how to implement your brand online as well as managing your online presence in a timely manner so that the author can spend most of their time writing.  It also discussed how to manage your online presence and what to do if your brand is faced with crisis.

Will there be a third book and, if so, what do you anticipate that will cover?

Yes, a third book is in the works.  It’s entitled, “Market or Die: Integrated Marketing Plans for Writers.” It’s geared towards making all of your marketing efforts work together in one cohesive plan.

In reading your recent interview (Waterbury Republican 9/3/11) you discussed your experience in self-publishing, what are some of the pros and cons?

There are many PROs to advocate self-publishing. The reason I chose to self-publish
Market or Die…SPEED!  I wanted to get my message out to as many authors I could reach…fast!  To traditionally publish my marketing books, I’d have to land an agent, write a proposal, sell it, write the book then wait for it to release. Well, I don’t have that kind of time.  My focus is educating you, the author.  There’s no time to waste.

Secondly, control and higher royalties are good reasons to choose self-publishing.  If you want total control from content, to cover design to marketing and not have to worry about splitting your profits, self-publishing may be the way to go.

The CONs?  Self-publishing suffers from a terrible stigma that if you are forced to self-publish you can’t write.  So… Not… True.

With self-publishing, you may not be privileged to some of the distribution channels
open to traditionally published authors and that can be a drawback.  However, content is king!  If your work is good, word will spread and you will be recognized.

I understand that you have received an interesting invitation from RWA.  Would you care to share that exciting news with our readers?

Absolutely!  Beginning in 2012, I will be a monthly contributor to RWA’s RWR Report, a monthly magazine sent to all RWA members.  I am going to take over the
“Media Insider” column, which will possibly be re-named the “Marketing Insider.”  I’m very excited about this opportunity to educate authors, many whom I admire, about marketing.

In How to Use The Power of Your Brand you discuss the use of social media to promote your Brand.  Do you find one social media to be more successful than the other?  If so, which one and why.

I believe every author should utilize Facebook.  Not only does it allow for dialogue between authors and their fans, but Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, hasn’t been shy about making his ambitions for the platform known.  He’s stated his plans include opening up the social media site to allow people and businesses to buy and sell products.  Harnessing a large fan base on Facebook will, in the future, allow authors to communicate and sell direct to their fans—all in one place.  Brilliant!

What’s next for Jennifer Fusco?  Will there be speaking engagements and workshops?  If so, please tell us where and when.

I’d like to thank Nights of Passion for having me here today.  It really is a privilege.

My schedule, as it stands right now, looks a bit like this:

Today, in addition to guest blogging here, I’m the guest speaker at CORW’s writing retreat in Westfield, MA.  I’d like to give a big shout-out to CORW for inviting me.

October 9th —(this is tentatively planned) I’ll be hosting a chat at 8pm EST on to take questions on branding.

Jan 2012 – the monthly articles in RWR begin, so, please, look for me there.

March 5-30, 2012 – I’m teaching an online class in marketing and brand sponsored by the Yosemite RWA.  Registration information will be posted to my website soon.

I’m always open to speaking engagements, guest blogging opportunities or general questions about marketing/brand.  Please email me at

Nights of Passion is always excited when you stop by to guest blog with us and we hope you would consider sharing your expertise with us again when you are ready to release your third book.  We would really look forward to that.  Thanks for sharing with us today and we wish you continued success.

Now … for even more fun … Jennifer has graciously agreed to give away a copy of her
recently released book, the second in the Market or Die series, How to use the
Power of Your Brand.  Simply tell us in your comment why you want this book.  The
contest will run until midnight, so please leave a comment and good luck.

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15 Responses to Market or Die with Jennifer Fusco by Gerri Brousseau

  1. J Monkeys says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great information in your books. I’m especially looking forward to the integrated plan…marketing takes so much time!

  2. Casey Wyatt says:

    Awesome post! Jennifer, I can’t wait read your column in RWR Report.

  3. Thanks J and Casey for stopping by. So glad to see friendly faces.

  4. PJ Sharon says:

    I’m half way through your handay dandy “How to use the power of your brand”, book. I love the way you break the process down to common sense, straight forward thinking. For those of us who are swimming in what-do-I-do- now waters, you make the next steps clear and concise. Thanks for your tireless effort to make marketing and promotion less daunting. Looking forward to the next book!

  5. Peter Andrews says:

    Hi, Jen Loved the first book. About a third of the way through the new one. You make marketing fun! The part in your books that speaks to me (and my talent for distraction) is the persistent focus on… um… focus. It is so easy to spread things too thin. I have been working to focus on writing ONE novel at a time, and you ask, in clever ways, for trimming, clarifying and being selective about brand and message. Your books provide more than that, but, for me, that is the great lesson.

  6. Gerri Brousseau says:

    As you all probably have guessed, I’m a huge fan of the Market or Die series and I want to thank Jennifer for being with us again today. I am also looking forward to your articles in RWR as well as third book in the MOD series. What is the release date of third one?

  7. Great to see you here Peter and PJ. You guys are the best!

    PJ, I’m glad you’re finding the second book helpful. There are some speedy tips in there that can help cut down the time you spend on social media so you can get back to writing. I hope they are helpful to you.

    Peter, one thing that I’m sure you know marketing and brand are deliberate. So, yes, focus is a must. As we go into the discussion of integrated marketing plans in Book # 3, it will become more evident why such focus is needed….because it makes your marketing easier to do!

  8. Hi Gerri,
    My birthday is January 19th, so I’ll probably release it then. In honor of turning 39!

  9. Another great interview, Jennifer. There’s new, relevant information every time. I’m so glad to see you expanding your platform — every writer, no matter at what stage of her career, needs what you’re offering. I, too, am really looking forward to MOD 3, where it sounds like everything will come together. Brava!

  10. Thanks a lot, Susannah.

  11. Hey Jennifer. You’re Wonder Woman. Just sat in on your workshop in Westfield and now here you are blogging. I’m so greatful that I can glean knowledge you. You’ve done all the work and I just absorb the benefits. Thanks for being there for us.

  12. Hi Kathye:
    Today was tons o’ fun. Everyone who wanted to start branding themselves walked out of there well on their way to brand success. It really was exciting. Thanks for having me.

  13. Gerri Brousseau says:

    Thank you all for commenting. As you know there was a contest and the winner of the contest is J Monkeys. Congratulations J.

  14. gailingis says:

    Hi Jen,
    Great interview, thanks to Geri for inviting you. The info is a great summary of your pearls of wisdom. I am looking forward to your RWA column. Much luck!

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