Bad Boys and Guilty Pleasures by Gerri Brousseau

Hello dear readers.  I’m very excited that Susan has invited me to contribute on
Thursday as well as Saturday here at Nights of Passion.  Thank you, Susan.  I’m also excited because Thursday is the night my favorite show is on TV … “The Vampire Diaries.”  Since I am intrigued with vampires, I have been watching it since it first started a few years ago, and I’m hooked.  If you have not seen it, I will catch you up.  It is the story of Elena Gilbert (human high school girl played by the lovely Nina Dobrev) who falls in love with Stefan Salvatore (a vampire).  Stefan, a very handsome guy (played by the attractive Paul Wesley), has a deliciously evil and devilishly handsome bother, Damon.  I’m in love with the character of Damon (played by the handsome Ian Somerhalder).  In my opinion, Damon is the most complex character in the series.  He’s the bad boy who is reckless and impulsive and because he is also in love with his brother’s girlfriend, the mortal Elena, he struggles to be a better man.

In watching the show, I had to wonder why it is that I’m always completely attracted to the bad boy, not only in a movie or television show, but also in my real life.  I have given this some serious thought and tried to recall when it was I first was drawn to the bad boy.  Was it in the kindergarten play ground?  Could it have been the hauntingly handsome Lestat?  Was it the handsome rake, Han Solo?  The innocent, but deadly Joe Black?  The cunning and charming Captain Jack Sparrow?  And the list goes on and on.  I asked myself, what is it about the bad boy so many women find so irresistible and attractive.  Is it the dangerous side of them that appeals to us?  Is it our desire to tame their wild side, or to live out our wild fantasy even if only for a 60 minute television show or a few hour movie?

As an author do you love to create these bad boys in your novels?  Personally, I adore the tormented immortal soul suffering to hold onto his last shred of humanity, when
by the very fact he is tortured and suffering is his humanity.  Do you find the bad boy attractive and irresistible?  If not … tell us who your shining hero is?

Vampire Diaries and Castle are the two television programs I am really fond of … and infact, admit they are my guilty pleasures.  What are your guilty pleasures …. if you dare to share.

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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17 Responses to Bad Boys and Guilty Pleasures by Gerri Brousseau

  1. cmkempe says:

    Bad boys are fun for sure: I’ve known more than my share >_< but I've come around to the appreciation of the guy who is very sweet and thoughtful and nice — until we get to the bedroom.

    Then the beast emerges! 😀

    I think there's a sort of dare involved in bad boys, and in trying to seduce them. An uphill struggle must be undertaken. So often women are expected to stay Doris Days. Why can't we be the bad girls?

  2. James Franco. He’s much too young for me. But I don’t care!

    • Yes, I agree Kristan. He’s quite cute with that little edge of bad boy. Wouldn’t Gerard be terribly jealous? And what of Derrick? Both in and of themselves …. bad boys.

  3. Casey Wyatt says:

    Bad boys rule! The more tormented the better like J.R. Ward’s Zadist or Vicious. As far as TV – I’m more of Sci – Fi gal – Warehouse 13, Eureka, and I loved the new Torchwood on Starz. I do enjoy True Blood, Spartucus (all those naughty shows – I have to shoo the kids out of the room to watch).

    • I hear you Casey. Unfortunatly when the job went, so did HBO :o( I’ll have to catch up on my favs if and when they come out on DVD. I do love to write the bad boys …. hmmmm …. wonder what that says about me!

  4. Gail Ingis says:

    Nope, don’t like bad boys. Talking about kindergarten, it was actually 3rd grade, I think. One of those bad boys kept picking on my good girlfriend, so I decided to put an end to it. After the bad boy beat me up, instead of my beating him up, I left learning a lesson. Stay away from bad boys. Especially the vampire type.

    • Thanks for your comment Gail. Yeah, as much as those bad boy vampires are attractive, they do have those very sharp fangs and an overpowering urge to bite. Still … they are tempting. The TV show is one of my two guilty pleasures though. Sometimes I have to take a breath and just allow myself to be absorbed in 60 minutes of not having to think.

  5. Kathy Albert says:

    Kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Thanks Gerri … we like to think of it as a well kept secret, but there’s no hiding that testosterone infused attraction. Eve entertained the snake. Bathsheba gave it up to David. Guinevere trotted off with Sir Lancelot. History and legends are replete with scandalous love affairs from the dawn of time to current events. That’s the stuff of passion and misery and what keeps readers reading and writers writing 😀

    • Thanks for your comment, Kathy. Yes, I suppose we should thank the bad boys … wait a minute! LOL. You are right in that history is sprinkled with stories of scandalous affairs and perhaps by writing these forbidden temptations it makes me feel just a little wicked. I have to admit …. it’s delicious.

  6. Susannah Hardy says:

    And don’t forget these classic bad boys: Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre, and of course Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind. Guilty pleasures to which I’m willing admit? Dark chocolate, What Not to Wear (they’d have a field day with me!) and Project Runway, romance novels in general (face it — we wouldn’t love ’em so much if we didn’t feel a little guilty about reading ’em!). Great post, Gerri!

    • Susannah Hardy says:

      That should be “to which I’m willing to admit.” Guess I got a little flustered thinking about the bad boys.

    • Susannah, Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I guess you got flustered thinking about all those bad boys … I know I did. Chocloate and bad boys … oh man! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will come visit us again.

  7. I’m partial to the Alpha heros — fighter pilots, police detectives and …. OMG … sexy quarterbacks – especially that gorgeous #6 Bear. Yeah, yeah, he’s WAY too young for me. What can I say? I’m old, not dead!!!

    • Gerri Brousseau says:

      You go girl! You never know, your #6 Bear just might appreciate older women (not saying you are old). I admit to being quite the cougar. Hmmm, maybe my next heroine will be a cougar too.

  8. Tracy Costa says:

    I am in love with Damon, I’ll admit it. Especially in the book series of the Vampire Diaries. As far as TV goes, Jimmy in Boardwalk Empire. Wow, hot, tortured war hero-mob guy? Sigh….

    Great post!

    • Thanks Tracy. I don’t have HBO 😦 so I can’t watch Boardwalk Empire, although I have heard a lot of great things about it. Yeah, Damon Salvatore – man that Ian Somerhalder is a hottie. Oh if I was only ?? years younger …

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