After a weekend of frenzy and fear from the threat of destruction from Hurricane Irene, I am feeling a little drained and so is my muse.   Muse and I are both feeling like it is time to be rejuvenated using tools a la one of my favorite how-to authors, Julia Cameron this coming holiday weekend.  You may be familiar with one of Cameron’s popular self-help books called “The Artist’s Way.”  This book was written with the intent of helping the artist live a creative life by being open to receiving creative inspiration.  The tools she encourages writers use are: to write three pages of free writing every morning or “Morning Pages” in order to retrieve creativity and to keep “The Artist Date.”   With “Morning Pages” is the way that you notify yourself of your intentions while the “Artist Date” allows you to receive inspiration and guidance.    

The “Artist Date” a la Cameron is a block of time when you give your inner artist time for a play date.   It is a time where you, as Julia says, “fill the well and stock the pond.”  To do this the artist must feed his brain images that must be reached by using the senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  This serves to nourish the writer within using repetitive actions.  Laura Esquivel who wrote “Like Water For Chocolate” says that the idea for the book came to her “while she was cooking the recipes of her mother and grandmother.”

Like Esquivel one way that I try to “Stock the Pond” by cooking and this Labor Day weekend is the best time for me to use some grilling recipes that I enjoy eating, cooking and sharing. What do you do to “Stock the Pond” and “Fill the Well.”

Debralee Mede

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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16 Responses to A DATE TO FEED THE ARTISTIC WELL By Debralee Mede

  1. I think I need to get this book to get inspired.

  2. pjsharon64 says:

    Writing is such a sedentary endeavor, that my muse sometimes gets a case of the sqirrelies. When I’m feeling stuck, I need to do something physical, preferably out doors in the sunshine and fresh air. Kayaking, hiking, gardening, or simply walking my dog usually clears my head enough to be able to get back to my writing with a fresh eye and a refreshed soul. Thanks for the recipe Debralee, it looks yummy!

    • Debralee Mede says:

      Thank you PJ. You are a pretty active/physical kind of person. These all sound like great fun. I wouldn’t mind doing them myself.


  3. Can’t say I’d cook to inspire myself…I would eat out, though!

  4. Toni Andrews says:

    …and now I’m hungry. Luckily, your recipe can be made outdoors with no electricity!

  5. Susannah Hardy says:

    This looks yummy! I bet that marinade would be good on chicken or salmon too. As for feeding my muse, I get lots (maybe most) of my inspiration and motivation from spending time with other writers. There is strength in numbers. If it weren’t for my posse, I would still be wishing I was writing, instead of actually doing it.

    • Debralee Mede says:

      Yes I think it would be good on chicken or salmon. That’s true and I’m glad you have a posse. Thanks for commenting and visiting: I appreciate it.

  6. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for the great recipe. Looking forward to making it. When I’m stuck I take a few days to just mull things over in my head and then I’m ok. Sometimes I need to just let my thoughts take me where I need to go. Well, enough of this … I’m off to do my morning pages.

  7. Casey Wyatt says:

    Sounds yummy Deb! When I’m stuck, I generally pace around my house and find something else to do for a little while (read, listen to music, cook or take a walk outside). If that doesn’t work, I make myself work on something else for a little while. That usually helps me.

  8. J. Gilbert says:

    Great idea, some fish on the grill. Enjoy your weekend and I hope your muse enjoys the fish.

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