How Passionate Are You?

We all like to think that we’re pretty hot stuff.  But are you?  Really. really?  Let’s take a fun little quiz to see how you rate.  This is an old fashioned ‘do it yourself, add them up’ quiz.  No one but you will know the answer.  No one but you will know whether you have to increase your passion level.  Remember when you increase your passion level, it increases that of your beloved.  Now on to the quiz.

1.  Your idea of a passionate supper is….

1.  Eating pizza and beer in front of the tv.  (1  point)
2. Going out to a ribs joint and licking your beloved’s fingers when no one is watching. (2 points)
3.  Cooking and laughing together, sitting down to eat by candlelight, and then taking dessert into the bedroom and you can imagine the rest.  (3 points)

2. Your idea of a fun day out is …

1.  Shopping for sports equipment and having your beloved carry all the bags.
(O points)
2.  Taking a walk on a forest trail and telling your beloved the story of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (only it’s a more adult story)  (2 points)
3.  Walk on the beach at twilight when everyone else is leaving and find a secluded place among the dunes for an interlude of passion.  (3 points(

3.  Your idea of respect and consideration is…

1.  Opening the door for your beloved (1 point)
2.  Going to the museum’s new exhibit instead of the ball game (2 points)
3.  You ask your beloved their opinion on an important matter and choose to go along with it  (3 points)

4.  Your idea of true love is …

1. Kissing and then falling asleep.  (1 point)
2. Make wild love and hug.  (2 points)
3.  Have fun, tease a little, and try something new.  (3 points)

5.  For your beloved’s birthday, you  …

1. Forgot all about it.  (0 points)
2. Bought a piece of jewelry.  (2 points)
3. Gave your beloved something he or she has always wanted.  (3 points)

Add up your points and score yourself.
0-5  Oh, dear.  Well, practice makes perfect.
5-10  You definitely have charm, but could become more charming.
11-15  Well, aren’t you HOT STUFF.

How passionate were you?  The good thing about quizzes that aren’t automated is that only you will know how you did.  Tomorrow is a chance to be more passionate.  Leap on it.  (All right, I might have been too enthusiastic there. LOL)

Susan Hanniford Crowley

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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1 Response to How Passionate Are You?

  1. Deb Glazier says:

    I love these kind of pop quizzes. This was better than a Cosmo poll. Great fun.


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