Contest & Interview: Book Launch Party with Urban Fantasy Author a.c. Mason

Nights of Passion is excited to celebrate the book release of Night Reins by the amazing urban fantasy author a.c. Mason.

I think she is talking about me… Hi, NOP readers, long time no see! I  threatened to be back. Here I am.

Some of our readers know Mason, because she has graced the pages of Nights of Passion for two years. As the evil mastermind, her work is woven with unending excitement and a heat that just won’t stop. For those who don’t know you, Mason, how would you describe yourself? Don’t be modest.

Modesty is a trait, I’m working on. Lol. I’m awesome. There isn’t a lot of dullness around me when I’m in my social mood. When I’m writing I kind of seem like the old school evil mastermind concocting another plan to take over the world. Again!

Please, describe the forces that mold your inventiveness?

Mostly my disturbed brain.

Favorite song? Paradise Circus by massive attack (current)

Favorite scent? Popcorn

When writing a particularly delicious scene, do you do anything special to spark the creative juices?

I use visualization technique of running through the scene, letting the characters “act it out”.  Once I think it’s pretty close to what they would interact like then I write it.

I am so ecstatic about the release of Night Reins. Having been privileged to critique it, I know that it’s utterly unforgettable. Please, tell our viewers all about it.

Night Reins by a.c. Mason
(Pink Petal Books)
The Minoan Reins Book 1
Erotic Paranormal Vampire Menage Interracial Novel (approx 98,000 words) (M/M and M/F/M)


Vampire slayer Tazrein Noir willingly served humanity… until the pull of the night destroyed the one good thing she had left. Now she struggles between the power of light and darkness within her. And the dark may be winning.

Mr. Elson is a Minoan General—one of the immortal dynasty of Crete, now also head of security for Pseira Industries. Haunted by the sins of his father, he spends his entire life as a light for honor, justice and sacrifice. Yet without his fated mate, he’ll become all the things he fears… Lordel Pseira is the ruler of the Minoans, as well as the very modern CEO of Pseira Industries. On the verge of succumbing to the darkness, without his light, he shall be lost… Lordel’s light is Mr. Elson’s fated mate: Tazrein.

Deception, passion, and death hound Tazrein’s every move. The Minoans want her blood to unlock the key to save their dying race. The Knights of Mortis want her dead so she cannot fulfill destiny. And the vile Nox want her for themselves so they can rule over all.

Sacrifice and blood. Sex and love. Destiny and fate. The balance hangs in Tazrein’s hands…and in the eyes of the two men she fears she cannot live without, despite her continued existence hanging in the sweetly seductive balance between them both.

WARNING: This book contains a hot race of immortals known as the Minoans, vampires and evil creatures. A sassy heroine. More tasty treats for her to pick from than a candy store. Graphic sexual encounters of the following nature M/F, M/M, and M/F/M. BDSM references. Violence: Imprisonment and torture.


Days without hunting always left Tazrein Noir on edge. She needed the physical relief that made her corner of the world a safer place. With her modified Tanto blade tucked in her handbag, she was ready to make puddles out of vamps. There was a vamp-friendly bar by the harbor. Just the place for her to go for a good release.

A heat wave had set in. She strolled down the street. Decent folk didn’t go there after dark. Aside from the industrial complex and office towers, the harbor was a dead zone. She took off her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. A little skin always helped lure her prey. Besides, the best way to catch a predator was to lay out a good offering.

As she rounded the corner, a vibration hummed in her eardrums, her personal vampire early warning system. A bouncer stood to the side of the entrance.

She stopped in front of the large doorman.

“I.D.?” he asked.

“Oops.” No way was she giving her name or address. “I forgot it at home.” The ringing in her ear grew to a constant buzz. “I guess I’ll come back another evening then.” She whirled around.


“Me?” She played coy, turned toward him, and quirked an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” He soaked her in from head to toe. “Let’s not worry about it tonight. I won’t tell if you won’t.”

“Aww, you’re such a peach.”

“My pleasure.” He rested his stare on her cleavage.

Men. Most of them weren’t too bright. Flash a little skin, and they forgot to use the other head. With a dopey grin, he held the door open.

As she slipped inside, the bang of the door behind her sent a thrill of excitement through her. Empty stairs led down into a room lit with red lights. Vamps were such products of their own clichés.

The teeming crowd of young women saddened her. She couldn’t save them all. Never. Like her, many of them went there seeking the creatures that frequented these places.

The new age song gave the lounge a sophisticated atmosphere, though anyone in their right mind would know this was the bottom of the barrel. Many years ago, the truth about vampires sank in. They were corpses. Dead physically and emotionally, but able to synthesize what mattered by feeding off the living in every way. Newly born vamps enjoyed the numbness––the hollowness made murdering people for food easier. But, then the older fiends missed the emotions. The chance to feel drove them to kill for sport, inflicting pain on their victims. The inner surge of feelings they got from humans was a vampire’s private addiction.

When they were in her mind, she sensed their arousal as they tormented their prey. They sought emotional authenticity. Love, happiness, fear, pain, sadness, anger, and jealousy were the emotions humans possessed, and what vamps had long ago sacrificed for immortality. Ironically, the longer the creatures lived, the more they hungered to experience these sensations.

Since at times she too worried about her own humanity, she understood why it grew to be an obsession.

As she stepped onto the floor, a human male grabbed her, and pulled her into the corner of the room. A struggle would call attention to her, defeating the purpose of her outing.

“Little Bo Peep, have you lost your mind?” His southern twang gave Mr. Tall, Blond and Handsome charm, but he didn’t behave like a gentleman.

Tazrein stared at the grip on her forearm. “Excuse me?” This man had evidently lost his mind. “Do I know you?”

“No, ma’am.” His lean jaw clenched. The scent of polyester and paper weaved in the air.

She’d wager on him being in law enforcement. “Then remove your hand from me or I will.”

He huffed, released her, and made eye contact. Pale sapphires stared into her. You are tired and will head home this instant.

Now this was interesting. He attempted to use the power of suggestion to get her to leave. If vampires could hardly influence her, it was doubtful a human could.

She laughed.

“What?” he asked, his brows creased together.

“Nothing. I just think you’re probably tired and should head home.” Bet that would throw Mr. Wannabe Hero off. “This place isn’t safe for you.”

His eyes narrowed. “For me?” His white dress shirt glowed in the black light. He wore jeans well. “You have no idea the mess you’re in, Bo Peep.”

“I’m in exactly the kind of mess I came here for.” She leaned into him.

He didn’t withdraw, his hand wrapped around her. “Let me get you out of here, I’ll make it worth our while.” His pitch was hoarse. He pressed to her leg.

“Coming here always proves worthwhile for me. Good night.” She stepped back, spun, walked over to the bar, and sat down.

Already, the vultures circled.

“What can I get you?” The bartender smiled, fake fangs showing, a wanpire aka wannabe vampire. He wore tacky black clothing, face painted white, mascara, eyeliner, and nails painted. A death worshipper. The freak had no clue.

“Tequila, a triple round of shots.” She handed him a fifty-dollar bill. Cash left no trace. “Keep the change.”

“For you alone?” A lean, dark haired vamp moved in next to her, his pearly whites gleaming. A blue dress shirt and black slacks gave him a professional appearance, but rotting human fragrance saturating him killed any appeal of his devilish good looks.

“Yeah,” she said. “It’s called a pity party.”

“And why would a beautiful woman like you need one of those?” The velvet tone of the vamp’s voice served to draw victims in.

She smiled at the easy flattery. “I got a call for an interview, but I’ve got no one to celebrate with. The usual sappy story.” Some truth mixed with lies, which made the information she gave vampires believable without compromising her.

The server set the shot glasses and filled one after the other, with a pouring stream of liquor.

“I can’t have the pretty lady drinking alone. Set me up to match.” He pulled out a hundred dollar bill and set it down.

“You don’t have to.” She waved him off.

“I know. I want to. It’s not every night I get to rescue a damsel.”

Most wouldn’t note the use of night over day. He wasn’t a young fiend. Hence, he sought the challenge in the room and not the easy target.

“I didn’t realize I appeared in need of saving, like a helpless lamb surrounded by wolves.”

“Not in the least. More like a panther about to give this wolf a run to the finish. Shall we?” He lifted the shot glass to his lips and downed the liquid.

“Bottoms up.” She brought the rim to her mouth and sucked back the fiery fluid.

“Tell me your name.” His mental touch entered her mind.

She long ago learned to protect her psyche from the manipulation. The intrusion felt like ice water dripping down her scalp. Things were about to get exciting. She loved when they used all their skills to get their way. “Rein.”

“What a sad name, unfitting.” He pressed his index and thumb to her collarbone trailing down. “Beautiful and real.”

Warmth surged up her core. “Thank you. And you are?”

“Archie. You’re ready for round two.” As he lifted the glass and tossed back the drink, he bid her limb to do the same. “Move in closer to me.”

She shuffled forward. The sense of him controlling her movements swirled a thrill of heat inside. How exhilarating. He willed her to gyrate her hip against him.

“Last one.” He raised the shot, and she mirrored his actions. He blinked, sliding away his brown contact lens, which revealed a red haze in his eyes beneath. “You want to come back to my apartment.” Even vampires wore facades in an attempt to blend in.

She nodded at his command.

“Good, it’s not far.” He pointed to the south end.

The cool touch of his fingers slipped through hers.

Goose bumps rose along her arms. He led her up the stairs and out into the night. Peace came over her.

Parked a few yards ahead, on the other side of the deserted road, was a blue van, with emergency plumbing written in white on the sides. The vehicle belonged to the misfits she sometimes called her friends, Gem, Vincent, and John. Hadn’t she told them not to hunt without her?

“What troubles you?”

She forced her lips into a smile. “This is going to sound lame, but I’ve never gone back to a man’s apartment like this.”

“I know.”

“Huh, how?” She tensed her shoulders.

“If you were that type of woman, I wouldn’t be interested. Don’t worry. I’m a gentleman. I won’t do anything you’re not asking for. I’m going to make you feel things you never have, and we’ll both enjoy ourselves. Trust me.”

Strangely ominous.


How did your characters find you?

Most of them track me down and tie me up until I listen. Shhh… don’t let on that it works when they do that.

What is your favorite scene?

I love all the scenes. I’m pleading the fifth. I’m half American. I can do that.

What kind of men inspire love in your heroine?

It really depends on the heroine. My hope is that I create characters that the readers feel breathe. Unique and complex, so each one needs something very different in her hero(s).

What comes next after Night Reins?

In the series? Death Reins. In life? Sleep. As a release? Chocolate Temptation. Writing? Aequitas III Redemption.

You have a plethora of work out this year. Please, tell our viewers about your other books and give us a little taste of each.

AEQUITAS I Betrayal Buy now!
The Aequitas, part angel and demon, have kept the balance between the forces of good and evil-until now.

When Etienne Grant is kidnapped and transformed into an Aequitas, marriage to Auria is the only thing that will save his soul.

Auria is a beautiful but efficient Aequitas, a General who wants nothing to do with love. A former lover has plans to prevent any hope of happiness with her new husband, and after murdering his own best friend and forcing Auria to join his rebellion, the balance between good and evil spirals out of control.
Can Etienne’s tenderness melt Auria’s cold heart and heal the pain of their secret pasts? Their very survival depends on it.

Content Warning: This book contains graphic sex, mild bondage, sensual touching f/f and biblical references.


Will the battle for aequitas freedom cost the balance between good and evil?

Aequitas—part angel and demon, fight for their freedom and march to heaven’s doorstep.

Rebel leader Etienne Grant kidnaps his wife and vows to punish her disobedience. Once retribution is paid, Auria will command his army in a most ambitious venture—defeating all the angels in heaven.

Auria can do nothing but surrender for the safety of her sons. Once in Grant’s clutches, she realizes he wields an even greater whip as he fights for her heart and loyalty.

Enemy alliances are forged as they prepare to bring down the Kingdom of God. But the archangels won’t let victory slip from their grasp so easily.

The battle for freedom might cost the balance between good and evil, but will it damn their souls for eternity?


Indy Kent’s motorcycle accident last New Year’s Eve forced her to fight for things she took for granted. This holiday she makes a special request of her best friend, Liam Boyd, the “I want you to deflower me.” Desperate to get Liam out of her system, a holiday sexcapade seems like just the cure from her long harbored, unreciprocated feelings.

But there is a complication, and his name is Tim, Liam’s older brother. Tim’s touch last New Year’s Eve ignited an unexpected flame between them. The time they spent together during her recovery only furthered her attachment to him.
Emotions whirl; her secret looms. The hotter the burn between the sheets with Liam, the more Indy’s yearning drifts toward Tim.

The incident that caused her accident and changed her life might save her heart.
Can she ultimately surrender her heart to the right man?

Content warning:
This book contains graphic sex including some traditionally considered taboo. A love triangle. Voyeurism. Light to mid-range discipline, dominance, and submission.

CHOCOLATE DAMSEL – Available here!

Will her love break through his armor so he can be whole again?

In June of 1940, Nazis march into Paris, France. Brutality haunts the streets.
Engel VanWolf, the Alpha of a Shunu pack – immortals, who shift into wolf-spirit – has a painful past and the patch on his eyes serves as a reminder of human cruelty. No stranger to injustice, he poses as a Nazi officer to smuggle Jewish orphans from the city. Drawn to a seductive fragrance, chocolate skin, and velvet voice, VanWolf comes upon a human beauty, Alexia, in danger. A hunger long forgotten burns anew inside him.

Alexia Pane is taken in by the shunu pack, and finds communal living isn’t the only thing they share. When danger comes knocking, she’s sent to warn

VanWolf, who has been discovered but needs rescuing of her own. As he whisks her to safety, he awakens her dormant passion. It’s not the flames of the city she fears, but the fire he invokes inside her. The closer she gets, the more he pushes her away. And then, she falls into enemy hands.

Can VanWolf save the woman he loves from a ruthless enemy and mend the pain he has caused?

Warning; This book contains a hot Alpha with an eye patch. A chocolate damsel in need of saving. A pack that shares more than communal living. F/M/F/M. A pack with no lack of hot betas to follow.

CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION – September 19th 2011

His by pack law, and he wants more than her body. Will she be able to surrender her heart?

Switzerland, the winter of 1940. Alexia, a wolf-shifter, is mate to the Alpha of a powerful clan. Her life, the pack’s future and the lives of countless children the pack smuggles out of Europe are in jeopardy. The Gestapo want her blood to breed an unstoppable regiment endowed with her gifts.

Cathen, the pack’s Epsilon-Beta, is charged with protecting her. When Alexia’s beloved mate is killed, Cathen becomes Alpha and by pack law, she is his new mate.

On the run from the Gestapo’s werewolves with Cathen, Alexia has no time to mourn. Can she resist what she’s beginning to feel for her protector, despite her aching loss? Should she try? If she rejects him–not so easy to do–he will die and the future of the pack she loves as family will be in danger.

Cathen and Alexia’s destinies are bound together, and to find peace and love amid the horror of war, she must accept her fate and heal her new mate.

WARNING: This book contains a sexy Alpha with a sense of old world honor, a pack that shares more than just communal living, and no lack of hot Betas to follow. Graphic sex and M/M, M/F, F/F/F/F encounters.

With the wealth of sexy urban fantasies that have been released, what do you do to relax? How do you get revved up for the next book?

I usually do some sleeping before I move to the next project. Aequitas III Redemption. I’m not telling about the revving up part. Wink!

Please, share a tip with our readers on how to manage several releases in a short time.

Forgive yourself. You can’t do it all. Have a plan of key places you’ll go to. Breathe. Sleep. Laugh. Life is too short. So please enjoy it.

Mason, thanks for visiting Nights of Passion. Can you leave us with one tip for those that aspire to be an evil mastermind? When I see you I’ll owe you a tip!

Not a chance. You are always trying to get the goods on me. Thank you for having me and I’m getting out of the hot seat before she gets another question to toss at me.

Now for the Contest:  For one lucky commenter an ecopy of Night Reins. This contest is worldwide except where prohibited by law.  How to enter? Tell me the name of your all-time favorite vampire! Deadline is Sunday, July 31, 2011 at noon Eastern Time.   Good luck!

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12 Responses to Contest & Interview: Book Launch Party with Urban Fantasy Author a.c. Mason

  1. caseamajor says:

    I love how you call Mason an evil mastermind. That is so appropriates. Congratulations on Night Reins. I am enjoying the story.

  2. Great Interview!! Night Reins sounds great and I can’t wait to read it. My favorite vampire of all time … well, that’s tough because some are so romantic … David … ~sigh~ oh how he loves Laura, Edward, dark and sullen, but so romantic ~sigh~ but my favorite is … the very hot, very sexy and very handsome Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerholder ~pant, pant) on Vampire Diaries. One look into the gorgeous blue eyes of that bad boy and I’m exposing my neck. Thank you to all of you writers for making these vampires so HOT!

  3. Loved the interview. My vampire of all time has to be Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) in Interview With A Vampire.

    Congrats Mason on all!

  4. Deb Glazier says:

    Love, Love, Love the interview. Much luck with Night Reins; it sounds exciting. My fav vamp is Lestat (not my fav actor but my fav vamp) in Rice’s Interview with a Vampire. He is the character that you love to hate and hate to love yet he is so charismatic,,so conflicted and so charming to boot. Again good luck!

  5. I can’t wait to finally meet the evil mastermind in person at Authors After Dark!

  6. This sounds like a great book, and I have to say I absolutely LOVE your covers. It looks like you have a great range too! I’m strictly in the paranormal category, with historical thrown in as you can tell from my debut novel Past Her Time. I think my favorite vamp is Mircea in Karen Chance’s Cassie Palmer series. Brother to Dracula? How cool is that? Look forward to reading your books.

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