A Great Week, True Blood & Vampire Awareness Month

Okay, I keep finding out great things.  Yesterday was National Chocolate Day and National Mac and Cheese Day.  They both deserve a month.  Don’t you think so?
It’s also Vampire Awareness Month.   Now what does that mean?  I’m willing to investigate.

Okay, as far as I understand it several bloggers decided to blog for the entire month about vampires mostly about the movies, tv  shows, and about classic books.  If you were to include all vampire books, well then there would be a Vampire Awareness Year.  LOL

Hmmm.  This tickles me.  Vampire Awareness Month–perhaps the idea was really planted by a vampire.  They say they want to maintain their privacy, but they enjoy the limelight where they can show off.   So I’m going to take this further.

Those dedicated to Vampire Awareness will do the following to respect their privacy:
1. Eat pizza — a lot — with garlic.
2. Avoid nightclubs, for that matter all music venues where they like to hang out.
3. Wear silver –Oh, excuse me.  I’ve just been informed by a reliable source that silver does absolutely nothing.
4. Cover cuts with bandages.  I’ve been informed by that same reliable source again that you’re too tempting otherwise.
5.  Watch True Blood.  That’s what I’ll be doing on Sunday night.

Apparently Vampire David Hilliard is back from his vacation, and the Vampires in Manhattan are planning a party.  I asked him if it really was Vampire Awareness Month.  He laughed and said, “Hell of a great reason to celebrate!”

Party on, everyone!  See I told you it was a great week.

Susan Hanniford Crowley, author of the Vampires in Manhattan series
P.S.  If you missed the wonderful crocheted dolls of the characters from True Blood, just scroll down.

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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