Vampires on a Rampage

Lily A. Snow checking in.  I hate to be away from Nights of Passion for so long, especially with New York Times Best Selling Romance Author Eloisa James being here on Saturday. 

But it’s been hell in Manhattan with the vampires.  Remember when I was asked to come to the Arnhem Society hall to greet the British vampire delegation.  That was weeks ago.  They’re having such a great time in New York that they won’t leave.  They’ve seen all the plays and musicals on Broadway and some off Broadway.  They’ve been to some of the best clubs and restaurants in the city, and it’s made the Arnhem Knights crazy.  They have to keep stopping them from putting the bite on New Yorkers.  I guess anything goes back in London. 

Max (beloved Vampire King of New York) keeps going around yelling bloody this or bloody that, and I don’t think he means it the way the British use bloody.  Now I adore Max.  He’s deliciously good looking, tall, blond, and was a Viking.  He’s the type you’d want to carry you away.  What’s not generally known about Max is that he can be so sweet and kind.  But not right now.  He’s on a rampage throughout the society, having everyone in the library with me searching the books trying to find a polite way to uninvite our British guests.  They haven’t shown any inclination toward leaving and going home.   The trick is how to get them to leave without offending them and causing a war.

It looks like I’m pulling another all-nighter trying to find the solution.  Does anyone out there have an idea?   We’d love to hear it.

Lily A. Snow, Historian and Ambassador for the Arnhem Society, signing out.  Sigh!

Susan Hanniford Crowley

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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2 Responses to Vampires on a Rampage

  1. J.S. Wayne says:

    Arrange for a tragedy to occur. A taxi cab accident. An unfortunate mishap involving a crab that wasn’t quite as cooked as the chef thought. Improperly prepared fugu at a sushi restaurant. Make sure that whoever the “accident” targets is high enough in the ranks to ensure that all the British vampires go home but low enough that it doesn’t send their organization into utter anarchy while the power vacuum is filled.
    If all else fails, sending them a string of garlic wrapped around a nice, thick stake will certainly drive the point home. (Yes: pun very much intentional.) Oh, wait. You don’t want to offend them?
    Yeah. Go with the fugu. Hey, these things happen!

  2. Call a truce with the Wearwolves and invite them to the club?

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