Return of the Melange Authors Giveaway!

C. Margery Kempe here! Let’s welcome Melange Books, LLC once again and to all their writers and readers.  How about we get to know a few of their authors today? And yes, there will be a giveaway.

Ruth J. Hartman is a published author/dental hygienist. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband and two very spoiled cats.

Flossophy of Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Trade Paperback, HTML, Adobe PDF

What happens when a dental hygienist falls in love with her patient? That’s what Grace
Hart discovers when she meets Bruce Gardener. The problem? Grace’s boss has a strict policy against relationships with patients. Can Grace and Bruce find a way to be together without her employer finding out?


I first became a writer when a publisher published my memoirs, in 2008. For fun and relaxation I like to read, write, hang out with my husband and our cats at home. My hope for the future is to continue writing and publish many books. I’m loving these dental themed books 🙂 Currently, I’m working on two books. One is an expansion of a short story that was previously published in an anthology. The other is also a romance novel. One of my works in progress is about male and female dentists who compete for patients in their small town, but still seem to be attracted to each other. The other one tells the story of a woman who runs a no-kill cat shelter, and falls in love with the father of a boy she’s helping. I have several dental-related romances already published or in the editing stage. But I’d like to write several more. There don’t seem to be many books like that available right now.

Bobbi Groover

Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, her family then moved to a remote rural farmhouse with an in-ground spring and a twenty-two person party line telephone. Wandering through fields of corn, climbing to the tops of fifty feet pine trees, hanging in the branches of an apple orchard, milking cows, churning butter, driving tractors, haying fields, and shattering nineteen out of twenty clay pigeons with a .410 shotgun provided the fodder for the imagination and numerous scenarios that enrich the scenes of her stories. As a third generation equestrian, Ms. Groover rides, trains and hunts her three beloved horses.  At home, Ms. Groover shares her life with her husband, two boys and a menagerie of animals. Dividing her time between the stable and the studio, she spends her days doing what she loves best—writing and riding!

The Inn at Little Bend
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Trade Paperback, HTML, Adobe PDF
In antebellum America, life for an abandoned woman was difficult at best. But when young Grayson escapes her sadistic guardian, she finds freedom just as hostile. The lonesome, starving wanderer flees straight into the path of vicious marauders. Only one thing keeps the rustlers from violating the curvaceous, dark-haired beauty but the punishment they intend to mete out for her crimes borders on insanity. Grayson Ridge struggles to survive her fated trials and conceal the secrets that plague her. Her exploits collide with the life of Drake Somerset, a scraggly yet oddly dashing drifter besieged by dark shadows. Neither realizes their chance encounter could free them both. Their wrangling ignites a turbulent journey and sets their worlds on fire.


I have two hobbies, riding and writing. Horses play a major part in the peace of my life. When I’m not riding I’m writing and, of course, horses are named characters in my stories. In fact, my first novel FUN IN THE YELLOW PAGES is dedicated to my first horse. I hope to have several more novels in the bookstores, with fans emailing that each is considered to be my best. Also, a screenplay might be in the works with the goal toward a production for television. Currently, I’m working on a third Historical Romance set in my favorite time frame—1855-1865 Virginia. I am researching the American history years 1861-1865 and discovering many nuances missed when the period was taught in school. However, just for fun, the characters from my second romance novel (THE INN AT LITTLE BEND) actually interact with the hero and heroine of the first (SEASON OF THE SHADOW). In my current romance, I’ve taken the hero and heroine from the first two novels, introduced them to two new characters and involved all of them in the tangled passions of the American Civil War. This time frame led to the new working title, INTO THE GRAY.
Rie Sheridan Rose has been writing professionally for the last ten years or so — though she has just added the “Rose” on the end. Prior to last year, her work appeared under “Rie Sheridan.” In that decade, she has published 4 novels, 1 short story collection, 2 chapbooks of collected stories, and five poetry collections as well as contributing to several anthologies.  Her most popular stories to date are the Adventures of Bruce and Roxanne, humorous horror shorts several of which have been collected into two print chapbooks. She has also written the lyrics to several songs for Marc Gunn. Rie lives in Texas with her husband Newell and several cats, all spoiled rotten.

Sidhe Moved through the Faire

Genre: Fantasy-Fairy Romance
Format: Trade Paperback, HTML, Adobe PDF

Under the hill and far away is the land of the Fae—world of magic and mystery. But what happens when a pair of curious Sidhe twins from beyond the hill decides to visit a human market faire and lose their hearts? Can true love triumph and find happiness when Sidhe Moved Through the Faire?


I started writing when I was a kid. I still have scraps here and there from about the third grade.Professionally, I have been published since I won a place in a Half-Price Books “Say Good-night to Illiteracy” anthology in 1998. My first novel was published in 2001. For fun and relaxation I enjoy playing games Video games by myself or with my husband, pen-and-pencil RPG with friends. I also take a lot of photographs. I am currently waiting on the galley of my latest novel to proof, greatly anticipating some lyrics I wrote being recorded, and about to start some revisions on an old project. I tend to juggle many projects at a time. I have many simmering, in several genres, and haven’t decided which to focus on at this time. My upcoming book is a fantasy from Zumaya Otherworlds, The Luckless Prince.

Tit Elingtin is a warrior by nature, ready to argue or fight for the disenfranchised at a moment’s notice. He takes no prisoners, crushes his enemies and loves deep and hard. Tit expects his friends to be loyal to the truth above all. He describes his philosophical views like this: “As the river flows, it is as one. We are as the mist of the water fall, joining others and separating as we fall to be one with the river once again.”

Erin O’Riordan lives in the Midwestern United States with her husband and co-author Tit Elingtin. Her short stories, essays, and film reviews have been published in numerous magazines and websites. Readers can view more of her work at

The Smell of Gas
Genre: Contemporary Fiction – Drama
Format: Trade Paperback, HTML, Adobe PDF

Love pulp fiction? Just try putting down The Smell of Gas. TSOG is full of saints and sinners you’ll love to hate. There’s Brigid, the high school basketball player and secret heroin addict. Fred, a Catholic lesbian teen, loves Brigid, but doesn’t know about her affair with Edward, a married Evangelical preacher. Sex, ethics, religions and mythologies clash as you dig deeper into their connection to the death of a young couple.


The Smell of Gas Excerpt

In Fred’s bright white room, she’d stacked three rows of votive candles in red jars on her dresser.Fred’s roommate, Leander, said they reminded him of the cemetery, but Fred used them as a meditation point when she prayed.

She liked the deep blue sheets on her bed. The white-and-blue color scheme matched the dress and  cape of the woman in the poster above Fred’s bed. The print of Murillo’s Immaculate Conception of the Escorial, painted in 1678, portrayed the Virgin, eyes looking up to heaven, surrounded by cherubim and standing on a crescent moon. Behind the Virgin’s head, the cherubim dissolved into an orange haze. In the light of the burning votives, the whole room seemed to glow orange.

Three rows of seven candles before her, she said one Hail Mary for each.

Fred finished saying her twenty-first Hail Mary and got off her knees. She blew out all of the candles except one. The cheap candles smoked, filling Fred’s small bedroom with a grayness that reminded her of an underwater scene. She walked over to the bed and lifted the corner of the mattress. She had to grope for a moment to find it, tucked inside the elastic of the blue fitted sheet’s corner. She held up the razor to the candlelight. The blood left on it from the last time didn’t bother her. It was clean blood, her own.

She was tired of cutting her arms. She’d covered her upper arms in intersecting highways of hardened scars, and fresher wounds decorated her arms from the elbow to the wrist. She’d scared herself the other night, cutting a bit too deeply at the wrists. She’d bled until she felt like passing out. The blood had soaked into the pillow; she could still smell its stale odor. She would be more careful this time.

She took off one of her boots and her torn black stockings. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, she reached back and turned on the stereo, tuned to the local Catholic station. The music, a choir of voices singing the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, lifted her soul. It brought her mind back to her purpose. She would feel pain, not because she got some pleasure from it (though she did), but because needed it to save her soul. If heroin took away all pain, except that nagging longing for more of itself, then the pain must
come from somewhere.

She made the first cut just above her knee, curving her wrist to angle the razor down toward the floor. She felt the acute sting over the thin skin there. She made another cut higher up her leg, deep into the flesh of her thigh. Fred grimaced as the blood began to flow freely. She wondered if she’d struck muscle.

The Immaculate Conception of the Escorial looked up to the heavens and pretended not to notice. The choir sang: “Lord make me a means of your peace…”

She sat there, dazed, before she realized that the sharp percussion in her ears was not from the radio station. She dropped the razor, unlocked her bedroom door. Leander stood outside.

She could see the beads of sweat on his forehead, under his gently curling black hair. His wide eyes shone. He smelled like gasoline.

Lewis Levite

Former Danville, Illinois resident Levite has been writing for over thirty years in various formats including newspapers, online outlets, and his own website, . Levite has released several other books, however, this is his first major release through a publishing house. Now living in Dover, Delaware his day job is in communications technology for the State. His hobbies include camping, fishing, and traveling with his wife Teresa and their dog Jack.

The Power at the Mall
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Fiction
Format: Trade Paperback, HTML, Adobe PDF

Even if “Absolute Power” doesn’t corrupt, can somebody with the Power remain true to themselves, their job, and most of all, to the woman he loves? Mike tries to remain an average security guard, when he is everything but average and “a little ESP” is just the beginning.


And good news! Melange will be giving away one book from each of the 5 authors for the first 5 readers who comment on the site, so comment and win!

About C. Margery Kempe

A writer of erotic romance: see my website, for a taste of my work including free stories, book trailers and more.
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44 Responses to Return of the Melange Authors Giveaway!

  1. Tiffany K says:

    I’ve only heard of one of these authors before, Erin O’Riordan. Glad I stopped by, it’s always fun finding new authors, and books. Great covers on all of the books by the way.

  2. Anna James says:

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I just wanted to stop by and wish my fellow authors at Melange good luck today. You are all so talented and I feel lucky to be associated with you!

    Hapyy Reading!

  3. Lewis Levite says:

    OK. I found the place…

    Now I need some coffee.

  4. Lewis Levite says:

    I’ll be in and out most of the day. But I will try and add what I can, for whatever it’s worth to whatever is happening.

  5. Hi fellow Melange authors! So glad to be here :). Will be gone for part of the day. Going fishing with my Dad, Mom and husband.

  6. @Tiffany – So glad I’m the one you’ve heard of – good things, I hope!

    Welcome to my fellow Melange authors! I’m glad to be here and I can’t wait to read the rest of the comments that will follow!

  7. Lewis Levite says:

    I’m the one you never heard of. But maybe we can change that.

  8. Lewis Levite says:

    May I please be excused for a moment? My wife wants me to go re-till part of the garden so she can plant something.
    Thank you.

  9. cmkempe says:

    Wonderful to have you all here!

  10. Thanks for hosting us today!

  11. david says:

    looks like some really fun books. much success to you all

    • Nancy says:

      Thanks David.
      What I’d like for readers to understand is this; Melange is not strictly any particular genre. Melange means a conglomeration of many things – we offer sci-fi, speculative fiction, erotica, romance, mystery, contemporary fiction and romance, and historical too, plus some excellent horror in the mix. We also carry adventure type stories, too.

  12. If any one has any questions about Sidhe Moved Through the Faire or my writing in general, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll be in and out all day. 🙂

  13. Lewis Levite says:

    OK, Rie. I’ll ask. How did you get hooked up with Melange (formerly MS) etc?

  14. I originally submitted to one of the Midnight Showcase anthologies under my erotic pseudonym, Lewis. They wanted some more mainstream works as well, and I had an extra novel in the trunk that I really liked, so I sent it to Mae. She liked it too, and we published it. 🙂 Nancy was gracious enough to want to keep it when Melange was formed, so there you have it.

    I have really enjoyed my work with Midnight Showcase/Melange.

    And if you are curious, I have work in Western Ways and Irish Intimacies under the pseudonym, I just don’t associate it with my mainstream books because I have a series of picture books I hope to see in print someday. 😉

  15. Thanks, Erin — the Celtic mythology is woven intricately into the plot. 🙂

  16. Bobbi Groover says:

    Hi everyone! Just drove 5 hours to get back from my son’s graduation. Didn’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity. Thanks so much to our hosts and Melange! I’ll be checking in regularly to delight in all the comments and answer any questions. Great to be here.

  17. Lewis Levite says:

    Well…. Yard work is done. Been checking in on a regular basis.

  18. Jenny P says:

    Ms Bobbi Groover’s “The Inn at Little Bend” is a thrilling story. I very much enjoyed the manuscript and can’t wait until the printed book becomes available. I highly recommend it, as it is an easy read, and believe me, you won’t want to put it down! The characters are highly developed and the story is fresh. Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy when it comes out!

    • Bobbi Groover says:

      Thanks, Jenny,
      And thank you for offering to read the manuscript way back then in its uncut and unedited form.
      Bobbi G.

  19. Logan says:

    As a male reader, I started reading “The Inn at Little Bend” with a little bit of skepticism. However, as I had the pleasure to continue reading the manuscript, I became hooked in the development of the story. The progression of the romance was natural. I can surely say that although it is a romantic novel, it paints a truthful historical context as well as appealing to those guys with a soft side.

    • cmkempe says:

      Good to see a man who’s not afraid to try romance; before publishers and bookstores turned it into a pink ghetto, most people expected to have at least some romance in most books. I think publishing became like science: instead of giving you the herb, they extracted the key ingredients and turned them into a pill. Now we’re realising that the whole herb was an important part of absorbing the chemicals. I think ebooks will break down some of those barriers.

    • Bobbi Groover says:

      Great that you tried a romance, Logan. THE INN actually has a story to tell and so hopefully should appeal to a broader audience. BG

  20. Lewis Levite says:

    I damned near fell out of my chair laughing when I saw that. I love it! I think I’ll steal it for future use.

  21. Mysti Parker says:

    Just popping in to say helloooo and congratz to all my fellow authors featured here today! I’ve read Ruth Hartman’s Flossophy of Grace–it’s awesome, and I hope to read the rest very soon, and interview more of you on my blog as well 🙂 Good luck!!


  22. Lewis Levite says:

    Thank you to our hostess and all the other authors who wandered by today. This was an interesting time today, and if it is agreeable with the powers that be… I wouldn’t mind stopping by now and again and just see how it’s going.

    Thank you again.

  23. Thanks, Mysti 🙂

    I’m finally home from fishing. Hubby got impaled by an evil catfish. but I think the band-aids did the trick 🙂

  24. T.D. Jones says:

    Hi, just wanted to stop in and say hi to my fellow authors…Been out of town so didn’t get on till just now…hope y’all had a great day…T.D. Jones

  25. Nora Weston says:

    Hello, fellow Melange authors! Congrats on your new releases…which look fantastic. 🙂 Melange Books sure does have many genres to choose from!

  26. Thank you, Nights of Passion, for having us as your guests this weekend. This was fun.

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