Fun Day Friday: What’s Fun?

No skydiving this week but my fun last week got me thinking about fun in general and how it can be different for everyone.  My definition of fun ranges with my moods, from adventurous to simply relaxing. I thought I’d share a few pictures of what I believe fun looks like. Feel free to let it inspire you.

 Take a look at this first picture, sailing. Can you picture it? Feel it? What does it feel like to you? Maybe the wind in your hair, a salty taste on your tongue, licks of water hitting your face. Man, I can almost feel myself there. Whether this is your idea of fun or not, you can use the picture to help brainstorm and recreate the image in your readers’ minds. Good practice if you’ve never tried it before. Go on, give it a try.

Fun doesn’t always need to be fast paced and adventurous. You know what I mean. Many of us are writers and readers which means we can often be found cozied up somewhere enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee or chocolate (maybe lemonade or ice tea for the summers). What’s it like in your sanctuary? Do you like music or perhaps you prefer peace and quiet. Maybe you work better in a bookstore amongst other writers and readers. This next picture show my idea of cozy fun. The plush velvet (or so I imagine) of the chair, the crackle of the fire and a small cup of Twining’s Blackcurrant tea. Mmmm! Add a few pieces of chocolate and sugar cookies and I’m in my winter sanctuary.

This next and final picture was an earned fun. I first started running in high school when I didn’t make the basketball team my freshman year. Angry and determined, I vowed to make the team the next year; however, I had always done some form of sport and still felt a loss at what to do for my freshman year. So I joined the track team…and hated it. Despite my strong distaste for running, I stuck with it (after all, it was some kind of sport) and brought my mile time from eight-and-a-half minutes to six minutes within four weeks. That year we seemed to have endless snowdays and many of our practices were soon spent shoveling the track. Meet after meet was canceled and before I knew it, the season was over. Needless to say, I made the basketball team the next year but I never forgot running and the running I hated that season became a passion of mine after that season. I began to appreciate the rush of air over my face and the soothing rhythm of my sneakers hitting the track.

In summary, fun is different for everyone and the truth is you never know what may or may not be fun until you try it. Sometimes that does require stepping out of your comfort zone but it may be worth it and if not, at least you can say you tried it.

What about you all, what is your idea of fun?

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