Fun Day Friday – Settings

March 25 – Friday Fun Day

Have you ever thought of how much a setting can affect the mood of your book? Without a doubt, I’m sure most of you have imagined settings (real or made up) when plotting out your books and picturing a backdrop for your hero or heroine. Why those places? Is it because you’ve done your research and that’s where it would make most sense, or is it because it is the most unlikely setting for your story (this could cause a lot of tension). Either way, they can have a great impact on your reader. I’m going to give you some one liner story plots and then show you some pictures. For this exercise, decide where you would place each plot and why. If you don’t like any of those choices, what would you choose and why? You can share your logic or keep it to yourself. As usual, the point of this is to have fun.  Good luck! 

1)      A vampire king falls in love with an unruly human blood slave.

2)      A detective risks everything to protect a suspect in her latest investigation—the only man she has ever loved.

3)      A man travels half-way around the world to declare his love to a woman he met in passing.

4)      A Fae prince finds himself in love with and determined to convince skeptical woman that magic does indeed exist.

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