Strut release and contest with the thrilling Susan DiPlacido and Decadent Publishing.

Thank you Susan DiPlacido and Decadent Publishing for coming to visit Nights of Passion. We are honored to have you both.


Here’s the good on Susan DiPlacido:

Susan DiPlacido is a name to watch. With many award nominations, including a 2010 RT nomination for Reader’s Choice and a 2010 CAPA nomination for Best Romantic Suspense, her work is becoming known for its quirk and quality.

Her latest book, ‘Strut’, is the second release in the Run Devil Run series. Run Devil Run, an L.A.-based rock band well known locally and beyond for their dynamic live performances, diverse musical talent, and humorous video antics has lent their faces, titles and lyrics as inspiration for a five-book series with Decadent Publishing. Readers who buy the books off the Decadent Publishing website will be able to get the corresponding song from the band for free, giving the reader a true multi-media experience. Books by popular authors Mari Freeman, Valerie Mann and Becca Dale will follow, ‘Share Your Soul’ by popular writer, Rachel Carrington, is currently available.

Strut by Susan DiPlacido
Urban fantasy, paranormal, contemporary romance, chick-lit

California girl Lisa is living a very un-Hollywood life, and that’s just fine by her. She took over her father’s pool service business and enjoys sunny days and a quiet home life with her mom. But one of the guys on her crew who moonlights as musician occasionally puts an extra spring in her step, and when she starts facing financial pressures, she starts wondering if there might be a few things she’s missing. Then her mom finds out that one of Lisa’s premier clients possesses a mysterious and enigmatic pair of shoes that are rumored to change fortunes, and lives, for those who wear them.

Will Lisa decide to take a walk on the wild side and test the powers of the supposedly serendipitous high heels? And do the shoes really possess magical powers that could make Lisa’s Cinderella dreams come true? Or is what Lisa really wants just a click of her heels away in the form of a smoldering rock drummer? From swank Beverly Hills days to sexy Sunset Strip nights, Lisa is on the cusp of finding out what really makes LA glitter.


By the time we get to the club, evening has fallen, and as I’m finding parking, Mom is wiggling her feet into the shoes. They fit her perfectly. And she doesn’t have the slightest bit of trouble keeping herself perfectly balanced in them. At the club entrance, there’s a formidable line, but Mom doesn’t hesitate. She struts right to the front, full of confidence, and tells them her name. Sure enough, Rick put us on the list.

Inside, it’s already crowded. Stocked with hip, hot twenty-somethings, the guys with their hair meticulously messed up and the chicks trying to show as much firm flesh as legally permissible while still making it look nonchalant.

But the music is what gets me. Mom immediately threads her way to the front, not the least bit fazed by the younger crowd, and I follow close on her impressive, supposedly magical heels. Rick’s band is good. Really good.

He sets down a hard driving beat and they all follow. It’s very L.A. rock, the kind that makes you fall into the groove. I love it. Before long, I realize I had gotten mesmerized watching Rick. It’s warm in the club, and he’s working on the drums. From where we stand, I can see his biceps and triceps flex when he hits the snare. His shaggy dark hair gets damp and sometimes rivulets of sweat fly when he hits a hard downbeat.

 To find out more about Run Devil Run and hear their music, check out their Facebook page

          Author’s website



Decadent Publishing

Youtube  (Strut book trailer)

Last week, we learned of book one in the Run Devil Run series.

Share Your Soul by Rachel Carrington


On the fifth anniversary of my murder, I took action against inaction. I set out to find what I wanted the most—revenge. Others warned me that the whole project could be risky, but getting even with my killer husband seemed worth the danger. Turned out, I made an appointment with the Angel of Death. Perfect.

I’ve always had a weak spot for bad-boy, rocker types but Gabriel the bad-boy angel surpassed my fantasies. He looked like Bon Jovi in his long hair days, which destroyed my ability to concentrate. Plus, he claimed he could help me only if I trusted him. The last man I put my faith in shot a bullet through my heart. How the heck could I trust the Angel of Death?

So anyway, I told Gabriel that I needed retribution before I could move on. He granted me three days in a mortal body to gain closure. Great offer except for one thing—my dear husband had already been found not guilty so he couldn’t be tried again. No hope of ever putting him behind bars…at least not for shooting me. I also had no idea where the loser had dumped my body. How was I supposed to get vengeance?

After that, things got really complicated. I had to find dirt on my jerk of a husband while placing my faith in the Angel of Death and ignoring the forbidden things he did to my phantom heart and loaner body. Yeah, the whole situation sounded weird to me, too, but what was a misplaced spirit to do except roll with it?

Check it out:

Youtube Share Your Soul book trailer

Share Your Soul buy link

For the contest:

1 ebook copy of Strut by Susan DiPlacido in PDF format, winners worldwide are eligible, deadline Feb 14, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Void where prohibited by law. To be entered write the word Strut in your comment.


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6 Responses to Strut release and contest with the thrilling Susan DiPlacido and Decadent Publishing.

  1. susan says:

    Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate it!

  2. Valerie says:

    This is a great story and Susan, you did get one hot cover! Congratulations on a great book, the excerpt was fun and I know you’ll get lots of sales and make RDR proud!

  3. Yadira A. says:

    I’ll have to put Strut on my wishlist! Congratulations on the release!!!

  4. Leni says:

    Strut instantly makes me remember when this was the only music that I listened to.

  5. Congrats on the release! Love the premise, cover, excerpt and the trailer! Treating myself to this book for sure 🙂

  6. Congrats, Susan! Strut has an unusual and intriguing premise. The cover is hot and I enjoyed the excerpt, too.

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