Ask David: Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask A Vampire!

I’m Lily Snow.  The Online Pajama Party is scheduled for Saturday.  Be sure to join the fun.   Today we’re departing from our usual paranormal advice column format to tread on dangerous but intriguing ground. This is your opportunity to ask David the questions you’ve always wanted to ask a vampire. We’ll start with a few we’ve received from the readers.  Everyone here now is also invited to ask questions through the comment box. David will do his best to answer everyone.

Dear David,
Do you sparkle?
Devoted to You

David: I don’t usually, but my eyes would certainly sparkle for you, my devoted one.

Dear David,
If you didn’t have Laura, what kind of woman would turn you on?

David: Well, Laura is blonde. Before I met her, I found brunettes to be lots of fun, especially if they were ticklish and enjoyed dancing. I love dancing. Tell me, Wondering, do you love dancing?

Lily: Okay, moving on. I have one. I’ve heard that all male vampires are terrible flirts and sleep around, is that true?

David: Ouch. Have you been talking to Laura? I won’t comment on my male kindred, but I will say that I don’t sleep around anymore.

Lily: So you only flirt now. Okay, let’s see what other questions our readers have.

Dear David,
Are all vampires the same?  Why makes a vampire hot?
Lusting for Your Blood

David (chuckles):  Lusting, you’re a very bad girl.  No, all vampires are as different as snowflakes.

Lily (mutters): Yes, you’re definitely a flake.

David scowls at Lily.

David:  Bad, Lily, don’t interrupt.  Now where were we, Luscious.

Lily:  That was Lusting.

David:  Right.  Lusting, every vampires is as different as every human is different.  What makes a vampire hot?  Blood.  Sexy dancing. See through lingerie.  Kissing and stroking his fangs with your tongue.  Warning:  Doing that is an invitation to sex so don’t do that unless you mean it.  What makes a vampire the hottest would be if you were his lifemate!  If you touch a vampire and he’s felt hot instead of cold, that’s a strong indicator that he’s your lifemate.  Everything with a lifemate is totally hot.

Lily:  I think I need some ice water now.  Readers, you are now invited to ask David questions.

–David Hilliard (from The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais)
–Lily A. Snow
–Susan Hanniford Crowley

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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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2 Responses to Ask David: Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask A Vampire!

  1. Holly says:

    I was wondering, if you knew, since you have lived so long, what happens after death? I mean do you know or have you heard in your travels? What do you think you are missing out on? Thank you!
    Faithful student

    • David’s reply:
      Dear Faithful Student,

      After my human death, I became a vampire so I figured there had to be something after death, even after the true death of a vampire. My lifemate, Laura, did die and came back. She told me that she went to a beautiful place. She was given the opportunity to come back and she did. As for missing out, I feel it’s important to live every life to the fullest, whether it’s a human life, a vampire life, or a life in heaven or paradise. I love what I have and I’m looking forward to the place she described.

      Thanks for asking.

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