Contest & Book Release Party for the Amazing a.c. Mason

Punishment Was Never This Good! Urban Fantasy at Its Best with a.c.Mason!

Do you enjoy riveting adventures, hot love scenes, and taking a book  everywhere with you because you will not surrender it? Then you’ll love a.c. Mason! Nights of Passion is excited to interview one of our own passionate authors. In this revealing expose meet the real Mason.

Mason: Oh my, Susan with an intro like that you are setting the bar very high. Please check all exits and hold on.

Susan: So Mason, come on and sit on the hot seat. Tell us what you were thinking, as I kept you outside in the cold?

Mason: Is that like the heated seats in my Audi with its six positions? I can’t say I mind the ride. lol.

Susan: It’s great seeing you.

Mason: Is this the part where you butter me up? I’m on to you, Susan. I’m not telling you where the bodies are.

Susan: Just so the folks get to know you, please, answer these questions as quickly as you can.

Mason:  Favorite food: Non-food. Anything made by chemicals like candy. Swedish berries.

Favorite werewolf: Hmm the entire Shunu pack. Don’t make me pick just one. Besides, the more the merrier. And you can meet them in the Wolf-Spirit Series of which novella one is coming out in May 2011, Chocolate Damsel and will be followed by novella two Chocolate Temptation.

Favorite place: Anywhere, I’m surrounded by the right people.

Where are the bodies buried? You know, I can’t tell you that. Lol.

Favorite song: Too many too list and changes with my mood.

Favorite creature of the night? I won’t pick.  Each being brings something to the table/bed. Umm. ooops.

Where you like to hang out? In the dark. No, really, I do like the dark.

Favorite cartoon? It’s a tossup between the Transformers and Voltron.

Favorite perfume? I’m not a big fan.

Favorite movie?” The Three Colors Trilogy” directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski, “The Handmaid’s Tale” directed by Volker Schlöndorff¸ “Scanners” directed by David Cronenberg and “The Lover” directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Yes that was six, but it would be unfair to pick.

What do you do for fun? I’m an evil mastermind, so of course I plot to take over the world.

Susan:  You have an exciting new book coming out: Aequitas II Punishment. Tell us all about it.

Mason:  It’s available at


Will the battle for aequitas freedom cost the balance between good and evil?

Aequitas—part angel and demon, fight for their freedom and march to heaven’s doorstep.

Rebel leader Etienne Grant kidnaps his wife and vows to punish her disobedience. Once retribution is paid, Auria will command his army in a most ambitious venture—defeating all the angels in heaven.

Auria can do nothing but surrender for the safety of her sons. Once in Grant’s clutches, she realizes he wields an even greater whip as he fights for her heart and loyalty.

Enemy alliances are forged as they prepare to bring down the Kingdom of God. But the archangels won’t let victory slip from their grasp so easily.

The battle for freedom might cost the balance between good and evil, but will it damn their souls for eternity?


“I don’t believe you,” Auria said. None of this made sense. Why fight his own people? Why not explain his plan?

“Of course you don’t. And I’m partially to blame. As my mind became my own once again, I made errors in judgment. Injecting you with the serum was a mistake. I should have explained why I’d become someone else, but I needed to infiltrate the council. You would have seen my motives. Etienne fed your fears of me because he did not want you to love me. But when he realized your heart could accept me, he hoped by encouraging your affections toward me you’d believe his motives were pure.”

How could he speak of Etienne in such a way?

“What? You don’t believe your precious Etienne is capable of deceit, to have you? Gabriel and Jehoel fell from grace over a taste of you. Those two angels have lost their place in heaven because of their obsession with you. After all, Etienne was based on a being who slayed his own brothers to please his father. Michael, who led the army of heaven against Lucifer. Each one of us is trying to get what we want or what we feel is best. Don’t you understand that?”

All too well. She’d spent centuries of her life serving the will of others. She didn’t want to accept that the man she loved wasn’t the man she believed him to be.

“Haven’t you paid your debt to them?” He spun her, then grabbed her waist.

The plea in his eyes moved her, yet he’d left out vital pieces of the puzzle. “Don’t you get that none of us would be alive if they had not given us the gift of immortality?”

“How is what you are saying any different than the birth of our children?” He placed his hand on her abdomen. “Would you have our sons repay us with servitude, make them slaves for giving them life?”

“Of course not.” The man countered everything she said, damn him.

“Do you believe we own Jet and Onyx?”

Absurd. “No.” She’d never think such a dreadful thing. Her boys were the joy she’d never believed she deserved.

“Are we not to do everything in our power to protect and guide them?” He cocked his eyebrow. “So why would our own father abandon us to fend for ourselves? Could we be nothing more than property to him? Our relationship to God is no different. We didn’t ask him to create us in his image, and yet we are supposed to spend our lives serving him. We are slaves, and it’s got to stop.” His grip around her tightened.

“You want to take the fight to heaven’s doorstep? You’re even more insane than I thought. Lucifer will not stand on the sidelines while you tear the place to shreds.”

“My enemy’s enemy is my ally.”

“Until he stabs you in the back. If Lucifer joins your cause, you can be sure he has motives of his own.”

“Such little faith in me. You don’t think I’ll be ready for the fallout?”

Believing he was ready and being prepared were worlds apart. “What will become of the world when there is no good to balance the scales of life?”

“You’re a student of history. I would expect you to have a sharper eye for the truth. You still don’t get it? All along, God has enslaved living beings, making us serve his purpose. What do we know of war?”

She’d seen one too many for her liking. “The victors write history.”

Susan:  What was the most difficult scene to write and how did you manage it?

Mason:  The scenes in this book were laid out. I’d plotted the story before I started to write for me that was hard, writing a mapped course. It was all there in my head ready to go and I keep putting off writing it. Finally, I just got on with going back to the word of Aequitas. And realized how much I had missed them.

Susan:  Tell us about Aequitas I Betrayal where it all began.

Mason:  That’s available at


The Aequitas, part angel and demon, have kept the balance between the forces of good and evil — until now.

When Etienne Grant is kidnapped and transformed into an Aequitas, marriage to Auria is the only thing that will save his soul.

Auria is a beautiful but efficient Aequitas, a General who wants nothing to do with love. A former lover has plans to prevent any hope of happiness with her new husband, and after murdering his own best friend and forcing Auria to join his rebellion, the balance between good and evil spirals out of control.

Can Etienne’s tenderness melt Auria’s cold heart and heal the pain of their secret pasts? Their very survival depends on it.


A female form approached, clad in white clothing that accented her brown skin.

The endless depths of her black onyx gaze mesmerized him, seemed to hold him captive. His surroundings faded.

Eyes he’d seen before, but where and when?

He tried to blink but could not. A euphoric daze came over him as the dark abyss of her eyes pulled him in further.

Her small fingers shoved his chest, and he soared into the air.

Oh no!

As his body slammed to the ground, he gasped. His lungs clutched for air. How could such a petite feminine creature overpower him?

A seraphic beauty or a demon?

She leapt, rising in the dark of night, steel heels gleaming. Crap! Yet he didn’t move, spellbound by the fluidity of her movements, and then braced for impact.

Landing feet first, she knocked the wind from his lungs. They screamed for air. Impossible. The heels should have gone through him.

Emotionless, she stood on his chest, yet her body didn’t weigh on him. His attempts to shift, fruitless. He remained pinned.

She bent down. Her heels ground into his skin, scraping his chest until she knelt, knees pressed to his collarbone.

“Err,” he protested, teeth gritted in anguish as his flesh bled beneath her slicing heels. “Err.”

The slight twinkle in her eyes as she pressed her forearm to his throat held him in a trance, the movement of branches crawled. Everything around him seemed to slow. The only sounds came from his pounding heart and rapid breath.

Why didn’t she finish the job? She’d clearly proven she could dispose of him with ease.

Face close to his, she made contact with his cheek and stroked her thumb on his flesh.

He shook his head, reached up and grabbed her small wrists, restraining her, but she twisted her arms free. Lips curved upward to one side, she rose and stepped off his chest.

She toyed with him. If her intent wasn’t to kill him, what on God’s green earth was it?

“Do I have your attention?”

Also available at

Susan:  I feel all shivering. I’ve read Aequitas I Betrayal. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into Punishment. How many books will there be in the Aequitas series?

Mason:  It’s a trilogy so Redemption will be the final book of the Auria and Etienne saga. I’m currently working on the next book. I’m sure readers are as anxious as I am to see if redemption is possible and where things will stand between Auria and Etienne or Grant.

Susan:  You mentioned a Wolf-Spirit series, do to tell.

Mason:  I know strange information as I’m sure many of my fellow writers have the same issue. I discover information and store it for future use. I’d learned about the Shunu, one of three sons of a God known by some of the Turkic peoples. Shunu is a lupine (relating to a wolf or wolves) deity and my shifters are his descendants.

Since my mother’s family survived the Nazi occupation of Belgium and I grew up hearing the stories. I wanted to give the stories a place to take life. The stories filled me with a sense of hope in humanity and so the theme of CHOCOLATE DAMSEL is one of hope. I’m thrilled to bring you novella two in the series as well, CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION. The Wolf-Spirit series is romance.

I’ve been deep in edits of CHOCOLATE DAMSEL, which is due out May 2nd 2011.


The summer of 1940, Nazis march into Paris, France. Brutality haunts the streets.

Engel VanWolf the Alpha of a Shunu pack—immortals, who shift into wolf-spirit—has a painful past and the patch on his eyes serves as a reminder of human cruelty. No stranger to injustice, he poses as a Nazi officer to smuggle Jewish orphans from the city. Drawn to a seductive fragrance, chocolate skin, and velvet voice, VanWolf comes upon a human beauty, Alexia, in danger. A hunger long forgotten burns anew inside him.

Alexia Pane is taken in by the shunu pack, and finds communal living isn’t the only thing they share. When danger comes knocking, she’s sent to warn VanWolf, who has been discovered but needs rescuing of her own. As he whisks her to safety, he awakens her dormant passion. It’s not the flames of the city she fears, but the fire he invokes inside her. The closer she gets, the more he pushes her away and runs into enemy hands.

Can VanWolf save the woman he loves from a ruthless enemy and mend the pain he has caused?



His by pack law. He wants more than her body. Will she surrender her heart?

Switzerland, the winter of 1940 – Cathen is ordered to protect Alexia with his life. The Gestapo want her blood to breed a regiment with her gifts. Two werewolves attack them and her recklessness buys Cathen a severe injury. The Alpha dies and the threads that link the pack move to Cathen’s shoulders as does the widow. His by pack law. Her mark brands his chest and reawakens a yearning for the temptress.

Alexia finds herself bound to Cathen the moment her mate dies with no time to mourn her loss. Hungry for her fleshly pleasure, she tries to resist the pull of Cathen’s need. Everywhere she turns, he is but a step away. She fears being the cause of his death so she flees and is taken by the enemy.

Saving her will cost his life. Can she accept her fate and heal her rightful mate?

Susan: Now let’s talk about the Soul Food Diner series. Where did that idea come from?

I think for those that know me, they will find this a little out of character. But it was the 1995 movie CLUELESS. Yes. You read that correctly. However in typical Mason fashion don’t expect my book to have the same tone as the movie. The character Dionne in CLUELESS left me with a lot of questions. Like what would it be like to grow up African American in Malibu surrounded by surfer hotness?

Susan:  Surrendering To The Right Man sounds lots of fun.  What makes the hero sound hot and irresistible?

Mason:  You mean heroes. Indy has two men working to win her heart and a dark secret. I’m not giving away who she ends up with.

Susan:  What is your favorite scene?

Mason:  I love all the scenes, but the one with Indy, Liam and Tim at the Soul Food diner is tense. I love making the characters squirm.

I’m happy to take part in “Read for a Cure” Decadent Publishing is taking part in. I’m going to be donating my royalties for Surrendering To The Right Man for a month to “Read for a Cure.”   More details to come.

Susan:  Now another quick quiz:

Mason:  Favorite color? Red. Blue. Black isn’t a color but I still like it too.

Favorite beverage? Shirley Temple.

Best place to be caught dead? Or living? I recommend never getting caught, but if you did. I suggest hell.

Favorite sport? Flirting. Yes, it is a sport.

Favorite candy? Men.

Favorite desire? Setting your own idea of success. It’s also an incredible turn on.

Susan:  So Mason, after doing so much, what are you doing next?

Mason:  Taking a nap. Lol. I’m writing the last short novel in the Aequitas trilogy and novella two in the Soul Food Diner series. I’ll continue to encourage and mentor up and coming writers.

Susan:  I heard you’re a featured author with Authors After Dark. Can you tell us about that?

Mason:  It’s all your fault and worst of all you won’t let us get hot men for our room. Daniel Craig? Joshua Jackson? Susan twisted my arm to go and connect with the readers. I’m sure they won’t ever be the same. Nor will I.

Susan:  Okay, final question: What is your deepest, darkest secret?

Mason:  Haha. Very funny. You thought, you’d could just slip that one in on me. I warned you that I was on to you.

Susan:  Thanks so much, Mason.

Mason:  Thank you Susan! And think about the hotness…

You can always find me here or on my own site

Now on to more hotness with the Contest:  One lucky commenter will win an ecopy of Aequitas II Punishment.   Answer in the comment box with your idea of a hot hero, and you’ll be entered.  The contest ends on Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011 at Midnight EST.  Contest is worldwide and void where prohibited by law.  Good luck.

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8 Responses to Contest & Book Release Party for the Amazing a.c. Mason

  1. Mary Murray says:

    Please don’t enter me in the contest. I’m one of the lucky ones already, being Mason’s editor. I’ve had the extreme good fortune to experience all of her books so far with Lyrical Press. And let me tell you, they are a wonderful! Full of intrigue and steaminess with characters you just fall in love with and root for to the end. Her stories make you think, wonder and dream long after the last word. They’re so exciting, as many times as I’ve read each book editing, I still get sucked in and held spellbound.
    Congratulations, Mason, on your release day! You’re awesome!

    • Mason says:

      I’ve got the wonderful Mary Murray to make my writing shine. She gets my strange worlds and helps make them clear, so the reader can sit back and enjoy the journey.

      You rock Mary!


  2. cmkempe says:

    I vote in favour of Daniel Craig for the hotel room!

  3. C Drummond says:

    My idea of a hot hero – clever, a little scary or intimidating until the relationship moves along (a lot scary or intimidating if we’re doing urban fantasy), physically fit, attractive in a rugged mode.

  4. Mason, you’re such a hoot. Great interview. And your covers…gorgeous


    • Mason says:

      Thanks Maggie. It’s always wonderful to have Susan interrogate, I mean interview me.

      Renee Rocco does amazing covers. I’m lucky that she has done all my Lyrical covers so far.


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