Musings of Vampire David

Vampire David is here visiting.  He’s  waiting  in my office (my work room in the dungeon. I mean basement).

“How nice to see you, David?  Is something wrong?”

“Well, to start with your little cat keeps staring at me.”

“That’s Buffy.  She likes to stare.  It’s a hobby like yours is drinking blood.”

David laughs then shakes his head. “You’re always so funny, Lily.” (The Vampires in Manhattan call me Lily Snow.)

“So what brings you here on this snowy night?”

“You’re going to Boston next week.”

“I am.”

“I will be around too, and Max asked me to give you this necklace.  He wants you to wear it the entire time you’re there.”  He hands it to me.  It looks like it’s carved from bone.  I’m not going to ask whose.


“It will protect you from the Boston vampires.  Besides if you’re in trouble just think of me and I’ll be right there.”

“So there’s trouble with the Boston vamps?”

“Just a little.”  He smiles, showing fangs.  “She’s staring at me again.”

I pick up Buffy.  “You too have a lot in common.”  I open her mouth to reveal her little cat fangs.

He laughs again.  “Writing is your adventure.  Being an Arnhem Knight is mine, and we’re both blesssed by love.  Your husband has been waiting for you to go back upstairs and Laura…” He closes his eyes then opens them again.  “That was her checking in with me.  She’s worried that I’m so close to Boston.”

“Maybe I should go?”

“No, you’re be safe.  We’re not sending you to meet with the Boston vampires this time.  Just have fun at your convention.  We’ll try to stay invisible around you.”

Susan Hanniford Crowley

About Susan Hanniford Crowley

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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