Happy Holidays…It’s a Party!

Welcome! If you’re joining us for the first time this week, you’ve made perfect timing. We’re having a Holiday Blog Party! Check out the blogs daily to enter various contests we are holding. For today’s first blog, we are very fortunate to have author Rebecca Royce. Check out her blurb for her newest book, Screwing the Superhero.

From Rebecca Royce: 

A Christmas Interlude…

Draco Powers heard the second his wife, Wendy, awoke downstairs.  He always did. The super hearing was just one of the perks of being a Superhero.  He sighed and laid back on the roof of his house letting the early morning rays of the sun sink into him. 

He’d gone up on the roof because he hadn’t wanted to wake Wendy or Lael, his little brother who lived with them half of the time.  It was Christmas morning and he always thought of his mother on Christmas morning. 

She’d known how to make the day really special for Draco and his other brother, Ace.  Even when they’d been so poor that the power company had shut off their lights for lack of payment, she had made Christmas something special for them. 

Now here they were, years later, and Wendy was trying to make her own traditions for all of them.  She was doing a good job. He would never tell her that the little touches she made to the house made him sad because they reminded him, endlessly, of his mother and how much she had never had. 


He jumped an inch off the roof before lowering himself back down.  Wendy had snuck up on him. That was hard to do and he couldn’t help the grin that crossed his face. It was happening more and more often. Clearly, she was practicing her technique. 

“Sweetheart?”  He turned to look at her. 

Her grin was genuine and infectious. She reached an arm through the skylight and he pulled her the rest of the way onto the roof.  Sitting down next to him, she looked around. 

“She’d be proud of you.” 

He raised an eyebrow.  “How did you know I was thinking about her?” 

Wendy placed her head on Draco’s shoulder as she kissed him, lightly, on the arm.  “Merry Christmas, Draco.” 

She hadn’t answered and he suddenly understood.  Sometimes there weren’t words and sometimes with the person you loved, you didn’t need any. 

“Merry Christmas, Wendy.” 


Like Wendy and Draco? Well there is plenty more!! You can win the first tale that features them, Screwing the Superhero, here today!  Just leave a comment by December 9th at midnight (EST). Contest open worldwide. Happy Holidays to all of you—Rebecca Royce.  

Toni Kelly’s Holidays

Let the party continue! Don’t you love this season? I truly feel as I’ve gotten older, my appreciation for the holiday season has only grown. Strange, as I get less presents now and usually end up working more. Maybe that’s why I appreciate those treasured moments with family so much.

As a kid, adults used to tell me that it was more fun to give gifts at Christmas than to receive them. I thought they were crazy but now I agree, especially when you get them the perfect gift and get to see their elated expression.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of interesting Christmas moments that weren’t always so cheery and perfect. Like the time my sister pulled down our fully decorated Christmas tree or the time half of my seventh grade class collapsed on the bleachers at our school’s Carol Night. Reminiscing, both events are pretty funny but at the time it seemed the end of the world. Still, despite some memorable mess-ups, I have plenty more warm memories. Decorating cookies, stringing lights and eating a delicious Christmas dinner with my family.

I’d like to invite those reading this blog to comment on their holiday experiences and enter a contest to win a critique from me of any twenty-five pages from their work in progress (I give very detailed critiques). Comment must be made by midnight (EST) on December 9th and is open worldwide. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your holiday season!

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2 Responses to Happy Holidays…It’s a Party!

  1. Sarina H says:

    I have to say that my most memorable Christmas was when I was a kid. I had gotten a puppy for Christmas, and it was a mixed breed. However, it was the most adorable and sweetest puppy ever! And I’ve had a lot over the years… Now its my two little boys at christmas (both under 2!) tearing into the presents even before it! lol I feel bad when I have to rewrap the other presents they’ve ripped open.

  2. jennifer mathis says:

    Screwing the superhero I just love that title 🙂

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